Letter to the editor: Redirect for Minister Bennett:

Minister Bennett completely missed the mark with his comment of partisanship.

In his letter to The Free Press I feel humoured to be called partisan by possibly the most virulent right wing corporate extremist in Canadian politics. Especially since Minister Bennett completely misses the mark with his comment of partisanship.

In fact there is no simple partition between our views, there’s an ideological chasm for which no bridge can be built. The Minister’s desire, reflected in his actions, is to hack up our public wealth and give away pieces to BC Liberal campaign donors.

We all see the slow motion destruction of BC Hydro as it falls into campaign donors’ hands, moving from asset to liability under BC Liberal rule.

We know about the annexation of Jumbo Glacier and the creation of an unelected mayor and fake city council out of Bennett cronies using $1.25 million in tax payer dollars when not a resident, nor town, nor road even exist.

We know about the destruction of the Agricultural Land Reserve so more Bennett supporters can create massive RV farms on Lake Kookanusa – cutting off ranchers’ public access to water, forcing them off their devalued land so it can be sold cheap to yet more developers.

Bill Bennett has run amok inside our social institutions, ripping them apart and tossing pieces into the wind like confetti, showering his friends with gifts taken from the public vault.

The BC Liberals call this “growing the economy.” I call it theft.

Let me remind the Minister and the rest of the BC Liberals that wealth is best created by first preserving the common wealth. Only in this way can our society afford to educate our children and keep them healthy; creating armies of competitive innovators who build, invent and capitalize, creating even more wealth for the following generations.

The annexation of democratic public wealth into the private hands so B.C. residents cannot vote on how it’s spent is called corporate fascism. This, along with Minister Bennett’s antics, I vigorously oppose.

Alex Hanson

Fernie, B.C.