Letter to the editor regarding security vs. freedom

MP Wilks' Free Press letter raised many question about the security vs. freedom dilemma created by the federal government's Bill C-51.

MP Wilks’ letter in The Free Press, March 5, raised many questions but provided few answers to the security vs. freedom dilemma created by the federal government’s sinister and invasive Bill C-51.

Was, for example, the tragic shooting of Corporal Nathan Cirillo by a mentally disturbed, criminally inclined, drug addicted loner really a ‘declaration of war’ on Canada by ‘Islamic extremism’, as Mr. Wilks claims? Or was the tragic hostage-taking in Sydney, New South Wales perpetrated by another mentally unbalanced drug-addict, already well-known to Australian police ‘a very real threat’ to Canada, as Mr. Wilks also claims, and was it a forerunner to the Islamization of the western world? And when did Mr. Wilks “travel throughout Kootenay-Columbia” listening to his constituents “saying over and over” that they wanted “a strong response”? Did these political conversations take place before the first reading of Bill C-51 in the House of Commons on February 19 or before the second reading on February 23?

How many times did he actually “travel” the roads between Elkford and Revelstoke and how many of his constituents did he actually speak to?

And further, does Mr. Wilks realize that his letter is simply adding fuel to the fires of suspicion, prejudice and paranoia that Prime Minister Harper has already ignited with an eye to this year’s federal election?

Canadians are well aware of ISIS’ religious fanaticism and its hideous manifestations in Iraq and Syria, but how can Mr. Wilks fail to recognize that Mr. Harper’s Bill C-51 is an erosion of the very principles and values that have sustained Canada for so many years?

And that, with this erosion, Mr. Harper is doing the terrorists’ job for them?


JC Vallance,

Fernie, B.C.