Letters to the Editor for Feb. 25

This week's Letters to the Editor discuss the Hosmer Fire Department, the idea of assisted suicide and moose populations in B.C.

Letter to the Editor re: Assisted suicide

With significant opposition by a number of their own MP’s the Trudeau government is justifying their support for an ill-conceived and dangerous euthanasia bill with the totally false claim assisted dying is a “Charter right.” When the Supreme Court struck down Canada’s assisted suicide act it was not giving activists the right to read into the Charter a “right to die.” So when Liberal House Leader Dominic Leblanc glibly justified the Liberal decision as a “Charter of Rights” issue he was wrong. This use of the charter is misleading, dishonest and an abuse of Parliament and tramples the rights of those who for conscience and moral considerations oppose the bill. Long term Liberal MP John McKay said, “It’s not core to the government’s mandate; it’s a response to the Supreme Court,” he said. “I don’t see this as a Charter issue.”

In striking down the assisted suicide law the Supreme Court in using imprecise and subjective language made an activist decision that sets a dangerous precedent which if unchecked could lead to the kind of abuses now common in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Canada’s euthanasia lobby is pushing for euthanasia for psychiatric reasons such as depression, for example, where a person incapable of making their own decision could die an assisted death. Assisted suicide is in reality an abandonment of seniors, people with disabilities and other socially devalued people such as those who suffer from depression.

The Liberals need to prove they respect Parliament and democracy and follow the example of the opposition Conservative and NDP parties and allow for a free vote. It is simply unconscionable and wrong to force people to vote against their conscience. To call such a radical interpretation of the Charter that would allow the extinguishing of lives a slippery slope is no exaggeration.

Gerald HallNanoose Bay, B.C.


Letter to the Editor re: Hosmer Fire Department

The Hosmer Fire Department needs our help. The department is down eight members. If they don’t get them, our house insurance will increase, as we will have no fire protection. There are five trailer parks and I don’t know how many houses there are from Cunliffe Road to east of Hosmer. Their practices are Tuesday evenings so go and talk to them at the Hosmer Fire Hall. Thanks for the wonderful supper on Feb. 18.

Heather YoungDicken RoadFernie, B.C.


Letter to the Editor re: Open letter to MLA Simon Gibson about moose populations

Good afternoon Simon, I’m writing today to inform you that I’ve lost another 100 moose authorizations this year. Not that I would get the 100, but the chance at one, two, or maybe three of the 100 of the limited entry hunting (LEH) authorizations that were taken from resident hunters like my family, and given to another user group.

What is this government’s reason for doing this? I lost many opportunities last year to get LEH draws, and the ministry sees fit to take even more away from me this year.

I went through your Hansard again yesterday, and did not once see where you’ve represented our concerns on wildlife management. I know you’ve stated in past emails that you would forward my concerns, and one time only have I received a response from ministry of lands and natural resources.

Simon, I’ve been courteous and followed the “protocol”, but I’m really feeling like you truly don’t care about my concerns. If I do get a response from you, it’s usually not in a timely manner. Is this to draw the process out so that the government’s agenda may be achieved? Or in hopes we give up? The recent deal is another slap in my face. What about the land deals your government is working sealing with First Nations in the Cariboo-Chilcotin area as well as with the Kamloops area band? Not too much publicity on that is there? Nor was there any openness or consultation with other stakeholders on this latest reallocation of moose authorizations. Your leader boasts continually about being transparent, when in fact, this only occurs after her agenda is secured.

Simon, we need immediate change in land and water protection, as well as wildlife conservation. Politics has no place in these sectors. They are not pawns to be used to benefit this government’s agenda. They are not pawns to be used to pit First Nations against non- First Nations or the other way. This is exactly what your leader is doing. In the day and age when she preaches acceptance and tolerance, she sends her workers out to drive a wedge of hate, and intolerance even deeper. United we stand, devided we fall. Isn’t that the motto? Well, Simon, I can’t allow that to happen. Can you? In your core, your moral core, can you allow it to happen? Saying nothing when we know something’s wrong makes us just as guilty does it not? Can we continue to pretend that it’s not true? I know you can’t, nor can I. Our faith in Christ doesn’t allow for that.

So, I’m calling on you, as a fellow believer to stand up for proper governance, here in B.C. I’m calling on you as my elected official, to step up your representation of my requests. And it needs to start with denouncing unethical, immoral behind closed door deals by this liberal government with regards to the privatization of this provinces natural resources as a whole, and to take proactive steps to enhance British Columbia’s biodiversity. I’ve not been just a complainer when we’ve talked. I’ve given you lots of suggestions and possible resolutions. Will you finally work with us, and not just provide the “lip service” so many people are so good at these days? I look forward to that. That will be a wonderful day for B.C., and its inhabitants. I know you do good work on a lot of other activities in your riding. But it’s time to spread your wings. Your constituent has brought a very real, and serious situation before you.

Ken Grant, resident hunterVia Email