Letters to the Editor for Mar. 17

This week's Letters to the Editor ask about LNG and the awakening of bears in the Elk Valley.

Letter to the Editor re: LNG in B.C.

On November 22, 2014 The Free Press published a Letter to the Editor from Kootenay East MLA Bennett, in reply to a letter from Steelworkers’ Local 9346. It was characterised by Bennett’s trademark partisan bombast and fabrication.

“It’s only the NDP that would start training for new mines that do not exist,” he spluttered indignantly.

What was a ludicrous, out-of-nowhere, irrelevant and groundless accusation when levelled at the BC NDP in 2014, is one which can, at this time of writing and with a fair degree of  accuracy, be levelled at the BC Liberals in 2016.

On March 8, the provincial government announced that they would invest $9 million in training the northern BC Tsimshian for jobs in the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) industry. Nobody in their right mind would argue that training young First Nations to participate in the province’s economic mainstream is a bad idea.

But where’s the LNG?

Apparently it’s really the BC Liberals that would start training for an industry that does not exist.

JC Vallance,Fernie, B.C.


Letter to the Editor re: Dogs, bears, things unfair

To the City of Fernie,

I hope that your recent decision to no longer give warning and to immediately ticket dog owners of off-leash dogs is a decision that carries through to enforce other important bylaws as well. Most notably, the issue that is residents leaving garbage and attractants out for bears who have now begun to stir from their slumber.

Last year, 22 bears were shot and killed by conservation officers in the area likely because many residents did not follow the Waste Regulation Bylaw No. 1845, under Waste Containers 4.6 that stipulates residents must not place any wildlife attractant (i.e.: garbage) curb-side before 5 a.m. on the day of collection.

Last week I drove to work Tuesday morning and noticed three houses who had clearly disregarded this bylaw, as their garbage was strewn all over the road by friendly neighbourhood crows. When will this serious issue be addressed appropriately and in the same way that the off-leash bylaw has been?

If the City plans to treat residents fairly in relation to bylaws I hope they decide to no longer give warning to residents and seasonal visitors as to the Waste Regulation Bylaw. It is not complicated, it certainly isn’t rocket science; if you leave your garbage out you are breaking the law. And if you are unaware that we live in bear country you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

Jesse BellFernie, B.C.