Letters to the Editor – July 28

This week's Letters to the Editor focus on the local Liberal MLA nomination and the outcomes of Brexit.

Letter to the Editor re: Tom Trump comes to town:

The B.C. Liberal nomination circus continues with Tom Shypitka running against former HarperCon David Wilks. On the one hand you have a city councillor prepared to abandon his post after being in politics for mere minutes, versus a former federal MP who went down in flames with the Harper Hindenburg.

The heir apparent Shypitka already grinding Bennett’s old axe, conjuring up conspiracy theories of secret forces wanting to shut down the coal mines. Perhaps Shypitka didn’t do any homework to find out why Bennett exits stage left before the next election. Could it be the state of mining under B.C. Liberal rule?

All of Tumbler Ridge including China’s TFW mine along with several other B.C. mines have closed. Even the Elk Valley went on rolling shutdowns last year with a thousand employee/staff/contractor jobs purged. Almost 5,000 B.C. mining jobs lost in recent years. Then there’s always the Mount Polley disaster that put hundreds of miners out of work and undermined international confidence in B.C.’s ability to mine responsibly.

While Shypitka fumbles with shards of Bennett’s miserable record as Minister of Energy and Mines, Wilks shrewdly jumps into Bennett’s abandoned Clark-mobile. Converting federal votes into provincial usually doesn’t work so well in B.C. But Wilks has a shot if he stokes terrorist fears mixed with left wing gun grabbing phantoms – meanwhile swapping logos on his political jersey.

Either way the choice is the same. Both Shypitka and Wilks want you to focus on fear based politics – fear of losing jobs; race baiting through niqab debates; fear over losing backcountry recreation; gun grabbers hiding in bushes with terrorists.

Neither one will talk about Clark’s campaign donation top-up scandals; deleting of emails; support for the job killing TPP; jacking MSP rates; fake prosperity funds; LNG debacle; destruction of regulatory, education, medical, and BC Hydro systems while a housing bubble in Vancouver bursts. The list goes on.

In reality, there is really only one question for the next election. Will fear continue to trump logic? Both Tom “Trump” and “Donald” Wilks think so…

Alex HansonFernie, B.C.



Letter to the Editor re: Globalists the big losers with Brexit

A popular revolution against globalism is well underway globally and globalists like George Soros with his political, financial and media elite friends are not happy. Britain may well have struck the first blow in a populist movement that could see more EU members have their own referendums to leave and the distinct possibility of the eventual unravelling of the EU. The elitist overlords of the EU are discovering that taking away borders and superimposing manufactured civic identities over once proud nations and cultures with their own rich and complex histories is not working and runs contrary to basic human psychology. Britain rightly concluded that any economic advantages they enjoyed in the EU were more than offset  by their loss of freedom and sovereignty and that they were now at the mercy of unelectable and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels who controlled 60 per cent of their laws.

The American version of Brexit is on clear display in the current U.S. election with the surprising support for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. The distrust and contempt of ordinary Americans for the political establishment has never been greater. The debate between elitism and populism is not new to Canada and was in fact what brought Preston Manning’s Reform Party to Ottawa in 1993. Justin Trudeau is currently riding high in the polls but his decisions to ignore public opinion in fast-tracking Syrian refugees into the country, pulling our jets out of the fight against  ISIS and opting for deficit spending could come back to haunt him in the 2019 election if he continues to ignore the silent majority.

The elites and globalists  use of such derogatory terms  as “low information voters”, racists, conspiracy theorists or xenophobics will not work nor stop the freshly politically motivated and increasingly angry millions worldwide. Jason Kenny was right with his congratulatory remark that Britain had chosen “hope over fear” and Tony Clement’s comment that Brexit was a “magnificent exercise in democracy” was timely and a reminder to the Federal Liberals that  ordinary citizens in Canada want a say in electoral reform through a referendum.

Gerald HallNanoose Bay, B.C.