Make a resolution towards better relationships

It's a fact that the chances of sticking to a New Years resolution are slim to none.

It’s a fact that the chances of sticking to a New Years resolution are slim to none. Most well intentioned resolutions are forgotten by February.

The most common choices for people making new years resolutions usually involve things that most of us have in short supply. Namely time and money. While losing weight is a nice idea for many, the reality of finding time in the day to exercise or prepare healthy meals means that by the end of January the resolution has been forgotten. Instead of vowing to volunteer more, travel or get a better paid job, why not set attainable, specific goals? In other words, make baby steps towards getting a better job, such as giving your resume a makeover, or learning new skills. Don’t expect to drop 20 kilos this year, instead just resolve to eat at least one healthy balanced meal a day.

Even better, why not try focusing on things that will not mean spending any time, money, or energy? New Years is a time when we all get the chance to fix things, and start a new chapter. It’s a cliche, but losing weight or having a better job isn’t what makes people happy, but having great relationships is. Make 2013 the year that you reach out to old friends that have been neglected, forgive the ones who have let you down and give second chances. And be kind to strangers. You don’t know what role they might end up playing in your life. Having good relationships also means you will have the support, confidence and will to attain those other goals.

Whatever your final goal is, we at The Free Press hope 2013 brings happiness and contentment for all our readers. We want to hear about all the news and events that mean something to you this year. Our resolution is to bring our readers all the information they want to know, but we need your help to do it. Happy New Year.