Murals need to be preserved

What has happened to Sparwood? Are people so afraid to express their opinions in fear that they might offend some one or group?

What has happened to Sparwood? Are people so afraid to express their opinions in fear that they might offend some one or group, or not get supported because they spoke up? Or do they actually not care anymore because the group or individuals will do what they want anyways, no matter what is expressed? Why waste the time? To read about Sparwood murals left to weather away. How could this branding committee even think about discontinuing the focus on the murals? Because they do not fit in with the new branding.

I was always proud when people referred to the murals. Sparwood has something unique, no one else has the same history or story behind them but Sparwood.

I feel this is an insult to the artists that these murals and the summer students who worked also on them who were so proud to have their name beside the murals. Do you know how much money and time was spent on each mural?

A brand is a story. It tells who you are and what you do. It also shows pride in who we are. You talk about the history of Sparwood. Well, don’t the murals tell the history? By changing the logo of Sparwood, you also changed the history behind the name given to Sparwood. So, maybe you should also change the name “Sparwood.” It was stated that the rebranding is aimed at attracting people to the town for work. Well, that is just great, and do they live in Sparwood? Our population has gone down, but the jobs are taken. Where do the people live? In the promotional posters, yes, we do have big mountains, what is left of them. Yep, small town, big story. Your’s and mine. That does not stand for everyone. Not everyone works at the mine. Fine dining and suggested attire, a jean jacket, what are we a bunch of hicks (that we don’t dress up when we go out?) The signage at the entrances of Sparwood are dirty looking. Really shows how clean we are. How much did all this branding cost the taxpayers? Do you know that it cost just $60 a gallon for a sealer to cover a mural, maybe the cost would be around $500 a mural and we have how many murals that will require this upkeep? My understanding is that you need the artist’s approval to paint over. Now, how much is that going to cost in lawyers etc? Such a small price to keep our pride and history compared to other projects such as the branding and the water meters. This really increases community spirit. My point is, the District will not reverse the branding or water meters, the money is spent. But the murals are still there and something can be done to preserve them.


Rosalie Fornasier