Open letter to B.C. Hydro re: smart meters

We citizens did not give consent to their installation.

We citizens did not give consent to their installation. But all of a sudden we discovered their installation when a neighbour spotted one on a post in the neighbour’s yard. When an oven meal ended up burning, smoke filled my kitchen and my smoke alarm started squealing. That’s when I found a new meter had replaced my old one.  Then boiling water from my taps. My tank is set down and I’ve never experienced that before. My fridge goes bump when the high current cuts into my line during evening hours into dawn. Suddenly I’m experiencing noises in my house. What is happening to my electrical appliances that were never designed by a Canadian company to carry an overload? If an appliance breaks down is that then a fire hazard? Some customers suffer health problems but I’m bugged having my hair move on my head when passing the meter on the outside of my house. Hydro should have come and explained what was going to happen. Also notice Hydro has stopped putting in meters in my area.


Shirley Tremblay

Baynes Lake