Oppose decision to fire manager

Michael Decker was fired from his position at the Chamber of Commerce as a result of personal political affiliation.

We feel that this was both unjust and directly against the best interest of the Chamber members and the town of Sparwood.

Michael Decker, in the short time he’s been with the Chamber, has made enormous improvements in all areas. The membership of the Chamber has increased dramatically, directly as a result of his leadership.  We, the members of the Chamber, fully support and approve and applaud his ideas and his methods.

The peremptory firing of Michael is not only unjust, it’s also an uncalled for move on the part of the Board.  It’s our understanding that the Board was elected by the members of the Chamber in good faith that they would strive to represent the business community as best they could. This action, which was taken without any consultation of the members, goes directly against the wishes of most, if not all, members, and breaches the trust we instilled in you as directors.

Furthermore, firing Michael goes directly against official government policy on the issue.

We are fully aware that Michael will be leaving in six months to a year. If the past few months are any indication, those six months can only be hugely beneficial to the Chamber and to the membership.  Furthermore, it will give the board an opportunity to leisurely interview and hire someone of Michael’s caliber – as well as affording the new person the benefit of working with Michael and benefitting from his expertise.

If the board doesn’t rethink this decision immediately and reinstate Michael as Chamber Manager with a formal apology, we as members will withdraw our membership and support.

We expect immediate and open communication about this pressing issue.


Bobby Hutchinson