Political propaganda doesn’t fly

Electioneering in Kootenay East has started early.

Electioneering in Kootenay East has started early, the NDP candidate on doorsteps in the Elk Valley and Cranbrook, the BC Liberal candidate’s office distributing fliers.

These recently found their way into PO boxes and homes throughout Kootenay East constituency. They were remarkably similar although their signatories were different.

They re-invent the politics of the ’90s and display the sort of unsupported opinion at which the BC Liberals are adept and which they have used over the past 12 years in their news releases and in deflecting criticism of their political actions.

It is also noteworthy that these BC Lib fliers, as did those of the 2009 election, mention neither the BC Liberal Party nor its current leader.

Apparently, the BC Liberal candidate for Kootenay East does not wish to be associated with Christy Clark or to be held accountable for his political actions over the last 12 years as a member of the BC Liberal government.

But as such, he is accountable: for massive cuts in social services, for the second worst child poverty rate in Canada (ninth year in a row!), for the BC Rail fiasco and for his support of the Temporary Foreign Workers’ program, the primary intention of which is to undercut the wages and living standards of Canadian workers.

Even though the BC Liberal candidate wishes to disconnect himself from his leader, his party and his government, his fliers reflect only too well the BC Liberal election strategy of  fear and smear, unsubstantiated opinion and political urban myth.

JC Vallance,