Re: Banning of the train whistle (again)

I was born in Natal and raised there for 18 years.

Re: Banning of the train whistle (again)

I was born in Natal and raised there for 18 years. We not only had the freight trains but the passenger trains going through town. We were not afraid of the train whistle, but respected what it meant. Why should kids be scared of something that is in place to warn them of danger coming? I moved to Fernie with my parents and have lived the last 43 years here and raised my family and now have grandchildren being raised in the Valley. None are afraid of the trains or the train whistle. What child doesn’t delight in the passing train?

The train whistle can be long and loud. Have you ever heard how loud the stereos are in some vehicles? We live off the highway and can hear the “boom-boom” in our house. Does Workers’ Compensation Board cover that?

The shift workers get used to the noise. I hardly think they’re going to cut off their noses to spite their faces. No trains = No coal mines = No jobs.

Tourists are exactly that. They are not here to stay. They may comment about the loudness, but I don’t think they make an issue of it.

New residents are great and welcome but if they don’t think they can tolerate the noise then don’t buy a house by the tracks. Kind of hypocritical of council to ban the whistle and build condos right beside the track. You don’t move into a new place and expect to change the town – you adapt.

Maybe instead of banning the whistle you could approach CP Rail about shortening the blast.

As we know spring is coming and that means the return of the crows and other birds. Does anyone know how I sign the petition to stop them making noise at 6 a.m?



Alva Hutchinson