Response to editorial on forum

The editor of the Free Press may have been at an all-candidates' forum in Fernie (editorial, last week) but it wasn't the one I attended.

The editor of the Free Press may have been at an all-candidates’ forum in Fernie (editorial, last week) but it wasn’t the one I attended.

Her attack on NDP candidate Norma Blissett is probably unprecedented in recent Free Press history.

I agree that Ms. Blissett started out a little nervously, but the way I saw it, within 20 minutes she had a handle on things and nailed the issues. From then on she spoke at least as well Mr. Bennett – and that was the opinion of other attendees that I spoke to.

She spoke decisively on mining and the Flathead and with more ease than Mr. Bennett on rural healthcare. Mr. Bennett may have identified some of the Liberal Party’s mistakes but he certainly didn’t address the deterioration of rural health services in the Elk Valley.

We should not think that because Miss Treharne is a newspaper editor her opinion is worth more or less than that of anyone else who takes an interest in politics and is informed about them.

This is the first political editorial on provincial politics that I can remember her writing.

She has her biases just like other people have theirs’ and we should remember that when she puts her opinions in print, especially just before an election.


Steve Kallies