Say no to a new subdivision

We are opposed to the proposed rezoning application by 0816595 BC Ltd.

We are opposed to the proposed rezoning application by 0816595 BC Ltd.

There is no consideration being given to the wildlife in the area.

One of our new neighbors has left their garbage out on more than one occasion, and they have had a bear. They seemed to find it amusing with no regard to the extra habituation said bear now has to people and garbage. Now add 37 more potential neighbors.

Aside from the fact there is no proposed source of water for this possible subdivision, the strata fees which were mentioned in the letter from the RDEK will have to be implemented to deal with the sewage issues. “Strata Fees” and “affordable housing” do not belong in the same sentence. This property is bordered by Baldrey Creek and Bean Creek, with Bean creek being the source of water for White Spruce Park. Even the thought of the remote possibility of contamination from sewage, be it from a leaking holding tank, or a pumping accident, needs to be taken into serious consideration.

The people who have actually lived here for any length of time can also tell you what the run off situation is here in the wet weather, with little springs in this hillside turning into torrents. These springs have caused many issued in the trailer park in the past, and disturbing this hillside could potentially cause a slide.

The next issue is Dicken Road, a secondary road that is barely maintained. We are lucky to see a new layer of asphalt when the road is broken down to almost gravel, which is the situation now. People try to enjoy walking their dogs, riding their bikes, pushing their kids in strollers, jogging, horseback riding, with an already fairly heavy traffic stream.  All the potential construction traffic and the increased traffic flow in general will definitely impact people’s enjoyment of their laid back life style out here. It is also my understanding that the roads and streets in this potential subdivision will be under the care of the Ministry of Transport (Mainroad). The maintenance of the streets in West Fernie or the road down into Cokato will attest to the MoT’s ability to look after these outlying areas.

The reason there is no longer any affordable housing available in Fernie is because a lot of home owners did not like what they could see coming with the ski hill expansion, and they sold, and they sold high, and sold to a lot of seasonal people. There is still no guarantee that these proposed lots will be sold to locals, and in my mind, these lots will not be what many would consider to be affordable.


Valerie and Randy Kmiecik