The Shakespearian Fiscal Tragedy

Letter to the editor

MLA Bill Bennett’s paid for ‘feel good facts’ ad claiming a balanced budget for B.C. in the February 27, 2014 edition of The Free Press has all the hallmarks of a Shakespearian play. But one little peek behind the curtains of the political theater and the real meaning behind the script becomes easily apparent.

Go back to 2002 when the Liberal “Energy Plan” was hatched. The people’s asset B.C. Hydro was prevented from building new energy capacity in the energy rich snowcapped mountains of B.C. The Liberals then allowed campaign donors to form private energy companies as B.C. Hydro was forced to buy energy from them at inflated prices. Then the Liberals drained ICBC and B.C. Hydro coffers to cover for their fiscal mismanagement late last term, thinking they would lose the election and leave a mess behind to smear the opposition. But alas, the voting audience was lured in with the balanced budget ballet and mesmerized by liquid natural gas sonnets.

The Liberals were reelected and a surprised Mr. Bennett immediately went about raising electricity rates to try and stall the fiscal implosion of B.C. Hydro, which was supposed to happen on the NDP’s watch. Meanwhile, Christy Clark is caught using children as pawns in her war against teachers, attempting to instigate a strike over class sizes. Why? Stripping teachers of the right to bargain class sizes means she can stuff more kids in a box, saving money on education, balancing the budget at the expense of the intelligence level of the next generation.

So while the script calls for a balanced budget the message is clear: B.C. is $69 billion in the hole; as another $90 billion obligatory debt to campaign donors hides on B.C. Hydro’s books; as the B.C. Liberals attack children through teachers using millions in taxpayer dollars.

Sure, maybe they can claim to have lowered taxes and spending. But they are merely stupefying the next generation while raising your hydro and insurance rates in order to do it. Close the curtains, this show stinks!

Alex Hanson

Fernie, B.C.