Urging the public not to vote for NDP Leader Tom Mulcair

There seems to be a lot of hype now that Thomas Mulcair might have a chance at becoming Canada's next prime minister.

There seems to be a lot of hype now, based on propaganda, and not on facts and reality that Thomas Mulcair might have a chance at becoming Canada’s next prime minister.  This would be the same scenario as taking back a former spouse from a previous divorce to recreate the nightmare.  This would be an exact repeat of the old days of previous Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien, and Paul Martin.

Those were the days when the country of Canada ended at the border of Ontario and Manitoba. Those three prime ministers ignored the western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C.  Federal funding for infrastructure projects was non-existent.

The problem with this was that the above three prime ministers all lived in eastern Canada, but enjoyed collecting our taxes.

A change of government brought in a Prime Minster, Conservative Stephen Harper, who was from Alberta. The four western provinces were once again recognized, as they were once again a part of Canada. In B.C. alone, Harper gave $365 million in federal funding for the South Perimeter Road, $33,582 million for Highway 97 from Winfield to Oyama, and $417 million to the Evergreen Line, now under construction, just to name a few examples. That is the result of electing a prime minister who lives in the west.

Electing Thomas Mulcair would once again create a country of Canada that ends at the border of Ontario and Manitoba.  Mulcair as prime minister would finish the talk of Quebec ever separating from Canada. Mulcair would say talking about separatism is a crazy idea.

Presently, Mulcair is against the pipeline from Alberta to B.C., but would still want a pipeline to go from Alberta to Montreal, Quebec, where oil can then go by tanker from Montreal via the St. Lawrence River to the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean. An oil spill is nothing in comparison to royalties.

This way, Mulcair could collect on royalties for the province of Quebec. There are suckers born every day. Once a sucker, always a sucker.

Mulcair falls into this category. He fails to recognize that the recent NDP Alberta provincial government was only won by the NDP because of vote splitting. Only 25 NDP seats were won on the NDP name alone, and the balance by vote splitting by the Conservatives and the Wildrose. Mulcair fails to realize that in the October 2015 federal election, there is no Wildrose Party, and these votes will go to the Conservatives. Latest polling shows the Conservatives with 54 per cent of the federal vote in Alberta. Mulcair proves to us in his photo ops that he does not do any research before making comments on a topic.

Voters who vote for the federal NDP listen to the song by Ricky Nelson, “Fools Rush In” and voters who vote for the federal CONSERVATIVES listen to the song by Andy Gibb, “Don’t Throw it all Away.”

In summary, a federal Conservative government would keep infrastructure funding alive in the four western provinces, but once again laid to rest with a NDP federal government.  Unbelievable, but so true.


Joe Sawchuk

Duncan, B.C.