What will be pit bulls’ next victim?

Letters to the editor

What will be pit bulls’ next victim?



A couple days ago while I was watching TV I heard the most blood curdling cat cream you could imagine. Running out to my backyard there were two pit bulls with a cat torn to pieces. One had it by the head, the other one by its back end. By now it was dead. The dogs’ owners were there and could not get them off. I had a piece of pipe to stop them but was stopped from doing it by one of the owners.

I had to go to a neighbour’s to phone the RCMP. By the time I got back (five minutes) the dogs were in a truck and someone had removed the cat. I wanted to see it but was refused and some guy drove off and took it to the dumpster. I wanted to see if it was mine because I couldn’t even tell what colour it was while they were having their tug of war. It wasn’t, it was my neighbour’s three-year-old son’s with four kittens at home. Those pit bulls now have the taste of blood, who’s pet or child is next? My opinion is that both those “friendly” pit bulls be put down immediately.





Russell Peterson