Wildsight spinning the truth on new coal project

Wildsight and its environmental partners Sierra Club and CPAWS continue to stretch the truth and smear the facts.

Wildsight and its environmental partners Sierra Club and CPAWS continue to stretch the truth and smear the facts. Their latest media campaign on the Bingay mine project in the Elk Valley is typical of how they twist reality. Of course they neglect to mention it will also provide millions in jobs and economic security for our region. Here are some of their statements with the actual facts.

“Globally-significant wildlife corridor that UNESCO has asked B.C. to protect.” The Elk Valley is not a globally significant wildlife corridor, unless of course you are peddling the Y2Y project. UNESCO has never stated that the Elk Valley is a “globally-significant wildlife corridor” nor have they ever made the request to the BC Government.

“Centermount Coal Ltd.’s Bingay project is 45 per cent Chinese-owned.” I hope Wildsight is not implying that people from outside of Canada can’t invest in B.C, if they did then Wildsight would stand to lose funding from US foundations.

“The Elk is one of the last strongholds for genetically pure Westslope cutthroat trout and endangered bull trout.” Westslope cutthroat are abundant throughout the Kootenays including the Elk River which is not the last stronghold. Bull trout are blue listed which means they are sensitive to human activities or natural events, but are not Extirpated, Endangered or Threatened.

“Contravene a United Nations recommendation for a moratorium on new coal mines in the Elk.”

The United Nations never recommended a moratorium on new coalmines in the Elk Valley.

“This could ultimately impact the whole corridor, including the nearby Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.” Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is over 200 km away as the crow flies in a different province across many mountain ranges with five other open pit coal mines in between. I doubt visitors to Waterton will notice any impact.

Wildsight wants government and corporations to be responsible and open at the same time that they are using manipulative misinformation. It’s time for registered environmental charities to act responsibly rather than polarizing issues with misinformation in the media. At the very least they should get their facts right.

Think twice about what is written and look further to make an informed decision on this and other environmental issues.


Paul Visentin