Ghostriders missing coach and top players over weekend

The Ghostriders emerged from a hard fought weekend with a shutout win and a shutout loss.

  • Jan. 27, 2016 12:00 p.m.

The Ghostriders emerged from a hard fought weekend with a shutout win against the Spokane Braves and a shutout loss against the Grand Forks Border Bruins.

“We shutout Spokane and got shutout by Grand Forks,” said head coach Craig Mohr. “You look at the guys we had out, it was Keebler, Beefus, Cheveldave, Kingwell, Teslak and Haugo. It was pretty much our whole power play other than Justin Peers. So as much as you hope, some guys to step up since they’d be getting some extra minutes, all and all with the numbers we had I wasn’t that disappointed.”

Their shutout loss was not from a lack of trying. The team waged war against the Grand Forks goaltender Anthony Galliart, who stopped every puck in a high shooting game.

“He played outstanding; we couldn’t get one by him. We fired 41 shots at him and a lot were good chances but he played exceptionally well.”

The coach was suspended after an incident with referees when they had a game in Golden last week.

“When Keebler got hurt, I was pretty upset and had some words with the ref,” said Mohr. The coach usually knows when he is going to be suspended. When he “flies off the handle” he believes that he’s deserving of a suspension. This suspension came as a “shock.” He was fine with being asked to leave the ice but did not expect a suspension or the ref to file an incident report.

The coach will be back in time for the upcoming games and hopes to have some of the players that are injured or suspended back as well.

“It’s a big weekend coming up, we have Columbia Valley and Creston. I will be back on the dance floor and looking forward to it,” said Mohr.

The Ghostriders take on the Columbia Valley Rockies at the Fernie Memorial Arena on Friday before travelling to Creston to face the Creston Valley Thundercats on Saturday.

In the standings, they are trailing the Thundercats by one point. At this stage, every point counts for the Ghostriders.