Skateboarders work for a park – The Free Press Turns 115 Years Old

Skateboarders work for a park - The Free Press Turns 115 Years Old

August 21 1996

Free Press Files

The suds were flowing fast and furiously on Saturday at the arena.

The Frozen Ocean Skateboard Club held a car wash and raised almost $350 to put towards the construction of a skateboard park.

“This half pipe dream is becoming more than just a pipe dream,” commented one bystander.

“We’ve raised twice as much money with this one as we did with the last one”. Said event organizer Napoleon Champagne.

“We now have about a thousand dollars in the (construction fund) account. Two thousand is what we need to do a good job” said Dan Buchart, who will be one of the adult supervisors when the park is open.

Skateboard enthusiasts from all over the Elk Valley were on hand to wash vehicles and demonstrate their skating prowess on the portable ramps in the arena parking lot.

“The community support has been just great and I want to thank everyone who has come out to help these kids,” Champaign said

In a meeting Monday morning with Stephanie Higgins from the Tom Uphill home Champaign was able to reach an agreement about the hours of operation at the skateboard arena.

Ramps are to be built on the tennis courts beside the home.

The area will be closed at 9 p.m. to ensure that residents are not disturbed.

“I don’t see any problem with that. In fact I think the residents will enjoy watching the kids” said Higgins. She will be writing a letter of support and sending it to the city this week.

Any agreement will be temporary as the space has been promised to the school division for a track site when the new school is erected.

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