Sparwood Chamber of Commerce provides council with update

The Sparwood Chamber of Commerce delivered an update to Sparwood council.

The Sparwood Chamber of Commerce delivered an update on its accomplishments and completed projects to Sparwood council at the October 20 council meeting.

Most notable on the list was the increased number of tourists who visited the Titan Truck this year, which, as of September 30, had totalled 60,000 visitors. The month of August alone contributed to almost half of that number.

“The Titan Truck does its job, we just have to do a better job at bringing people into our community,” noted Norma McDougall, manager of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber also noted that over $50,000 worth of Sparwood merchandise was sold that did not compete with any other business in the district.

The Chamber also brought on 37 new members this year, bringing the total business memberships to 106.

McDougall also noted the reinstatement of the “Business Excellence Awards”, which highlighted five local businesses as a celebration of Small Business Month. The presentation of those awards was held October 29 at the Visitor Center.