TRAIL’S END WESTERN WEAR – The Free Press turns 115 Years Old

TRAIL’S END WESTERN WEAR - The Free Press turns 115 Years Old

July 31 1996

Free Press Files

With 35 years of business experience between them, local residents Marian and Bob Gravelle decided to make good on an idea they had thought about quite frequently for several years.

It stemmed partly from Bob’s lifelong love of raising horses and from daughter Kim’s interest in horses and rodeo competition as an amateur competitor.

Marian’s cousin, Jessica Lain of Calgary, had also expressed interest in the same idea for about 10 years.   Two years ago the three of them put their heads together and came up with a business plan.

The end result is a ladies’ and mens’ clothing shop called Trail’s End Western Gear and Tack.

Situated on 7th Avenue in Fernie, this new store offers a great selection of attractively displayed high-fashion western gear.

There are many uniquely styled blouses and skirts that catch the eye of cowgirls or non-cowgirls alike.  And males haven’t been left out either – there are shirts of a most attractive red and black block design as well as the standard Wrangler jeans and shirts and MWG caps and shirts.

For women the shop carries popular jean brands like Blaze, Roughrider, Rocky Mountain, Adobe Rose and Circle T.

Boots are available by Laredo, Justin and Brahma, as are hats by Risistol, Bailey and Wrangler.  Unisex jackets are by Australian Outback, Cripple Creek and the Outback Collection.

The glass front counter also holds an array of exquisite silver jewelry by Montana Silver, plus colorful dream catchers by Erin Gravelle.

In tack supplies, saddle bags, rope bags, and horse boots are all in stock.  “We have everything for horse and rider except the horse,” says Marian.

Southwestern pottery and a line of cards, mugs and magnets by the Leaning Tree are also available.

And coming soon, Jessica says enthusiastically, is another high-fashion line of beautiful designs under the names of Carlain, Sweetgrass and Deborah Murray, as well as Panhandle Slim roper shirts, snap button shirts and more silver jewelry by Crumbline from Nevada.

A big-and-tall line for both men and women will also be introduced.

Bob and Marian are the managers of this new store, with Jessica as assistant manager and Marie McConachie as sale clerk.

Marian is planning on working a couple days a week at this new venture, probably on weekends since her weekdays are spent running her notary public business in Sparwood.

Jessica will be commuting from Calgary, where she is a fashion consultant at the Chinook Sears outlet.  She’s in charge of recruiting the sales staff and providing the expertise in the display layouts.  She will also be organizing a fashion show for this fall and one in spring.

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