Beloved Pastor retires

Parishioners, friends and family bid happy retirement to their beloved Pastor Dennis Williamson.

A large group of parishioners, friends and family gathered at the Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle on Sunday September 29 to bid happy retirement to their beloved Pastor Dennis Williamson and his wife Julie.

Williamson has been ministering for 42 years, the last 16 of them here in Fernie.

“We are retiring from pastoring this congregation but pastoring for us is just a way of life,” said Williamson.

“I believe our ministry is going to be greater now,” said Julie. “ We will see many people come to the Lord through our retirement.”

Williamson and his wife are described as people who know how to lay down their lives for others, avid listeners who make you feel like you are the only person around.

Fern Froese presented the coupled with a hand made glass picture of our beautiful mountain landscape handcrafted by Stephanie Rogers and they took part in a ceremonial cake cutting.

Mayor Mary Giuliano paid tribute to Williamson for his guidance through a family illness.

Although they will be missed within the church, the Williamson’s plan to remain in the community.

“It won’t be a matter of replacing them when we do bring someone in,” said Parishioner Dave Froese. “They will just continue with the work they started.”