East Kootenay Health Foundation thanks valley

The East Kootenay Health Foundation came to Fernie last Monday to thank the Elk Valley community for their funding support.

The East Kootenay Health Foundation (EKHF) made their way to Fernie last Monday to thank the Elk Valley community for their funding support.

During the Jan. 14 council meeting the non-profit society, which commenced in 1983, addressed council, presenting their funding figures.

“[The foundation] has raised significant dollars for any health care facility from Creston through to Golden,” Chairperson for the EKHF Brian Clifford said, noting that this year the society invested over $500,000 into healthcare in these areas.

He went on to say, “We work very closely with the Elk Valley foundation. We keep their interests in mind.”

The half a million dollars that was invested into healthcare came primarily from donors, Clifford noted, adding that Fernie was one of the larger investors.

“We really appreciate what we get in terms of donor related people out of your area,” said Clifford. “We just wanted to share our story and make sure that you’re another avenue for getting our story out there.”

This year, of the $500,000 given to Kootenay healthcare, $70,000 was directed to Fernie and the Elk Valley.

The EKHF’s campaign manager was also in attendance to promote the East Kootenay Regional Hospital’s (EKRH) Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“It’s an honour for us to present tonight because it was the confidence shown by your council and mayor and the hospital regional district that asked us to take on the ICU equipment campaign,” Campaign Manager Donna Grainger said. “Donors all across the East Kootenay’s have been donating support through their community facilities as well as the ICU.”

The expansion of the EKRH’s ICU will entail filling the current ICU with six bedrooms, a large addition to its current four bedrooms.

Clifford said this would mean that there is more room to accommodate anyone that requires care in that facility.

“The ICU is important to all of us,” Grainger said. “Already we’ve raised over $152,000 [through our annual Starlite Campaign] and $108,000 of that is going to the ICU. We’re incredibly grateful.”