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Horsing around in Canada

Montréal man travels across Canada in two covered wagons.

Leaving his life and both his literal and figurative baggage behind, Pierre Cloutier is travelling from Montréal to the Okanagan on four horses and a covered wagon.

On Wednesday, June 17 Cloutier passed through Fernie and shared tales of his trek with locals.

“It started as a kids dream,” he explained. “I had my first horse at 12 years old and I always dreamed of travelling.”

After having his heart broken by a former lover last year, Cloutier auctioned off his possessions, sold his home and set off for the Okanagan.

“I was tired and working too much so I decided to have an auction, sell everything and hit the road,” he said of his journey, adding that he has previously worked as both a truck driver and an auctioneer.

But with four horses travelling between 24-32 km per day, Cloutier’s journey to the Okanagan has been quite a long trek. In fact, he has already been on the road for eight months now, with another two to three months to go before he settles in the Okanagan.

For Cloutier, however, the journey is a major part of his adventure.

“I don’t have to push my horses,” he said. “I don’t have any schedule.”

Cloutier’s goal is simple — to search for a new life on the west coast of Canada.

Cloutier’s journey, however, has its challenges.

He spends five nights a week sleeping in his covered wagons and spends the other two days relying on the kindness of others for food (for both himself and his horses), shelter and amenities, like hot water for showering

Cloutier said that thus far on his journey, this kindness hasn’t been hard to come by.

“I’m treated like a king,” he said with gratitude.

At each destination Cloutier stops at, he brings others kind words.

With a notebook on hand, Cloutier encourages his fans to write down their own words of wisdom.

He relates his experience to what pioneers did 200 years ago, adding, “That’s what I’m looking for; a new goal, a new life.”

“I live a dream life now. I don’t want to work the rest of my life, I just want to dream,” he added.

The 41-year-old’s future plans include being in a country music band.

For more information, you can contact Cloutier at 819-996-2999.