Members of the Lilac Terrace Board are happy to receive a $20

Members of the Lilac Terrace Board are happy to receive a $20

Lilac Terrace kicks off fundraising campaign

The Sparwood Futures Society was happy to contribute $20,000 to Lilac Terrace.

Last Wednesday saw the beginning of the official fundraising efforts on behalf of Lilac Terrace, and the Sparwood Futures Society happily met their request. Bob Burritt, president of the Sparwood Futures Society, and Bill Moir, vice president of the Society, presented the Board of Lilac Terrace with a cheque for $20,000.

“We are really pleased to be able to make this donation to Lilac Terrace,” said Burritt. “The Sparwood Futures Society has been working with Lilac Terrace since day one and helped set up the current board. We know how much this expansion means to the community and are excited to be a part of helping.”

In the coming months, Lilac Terrace will work hard at fundraising to meet their $400,000 goal. Deborah Friesen, Lilac Terrace administrator, welcomes all members of the public to come forward who may have fundraising ideas or would like to help.

“Right now we are beginning to plan some fundraisers, and anyone who may have ideas is encouraged to come in and let us know about them,” she said. “As mentioned we really want this project to be a community project, as it means so much to all the seniors and their families.”

Lilac Terrace will be keeping an up to date tally on their fundraising efforts on their Facebook page and currently sit at about $30,000.