Mothers Day at Rocky Mountain Auxiliary

On May 6, Rocky Mountain Village Auxiliary members were busy preparing Mothers Day gifts to pass out to the moms that reside in the home.

Rocky Mountain Village Auxiliary members.

Rocky Mountain Village Auxiliary members.

By Mary Giuliano


On the Monday afternoon of May 6, Rocky Mountain Village Auxiliary members were busy preparing Mothers Day gifts to pass out to the moms that reside in the home, something that this group has been doing for years.

Many on the Auxiliary have been members since the facility opened and several were also members of the previous Tom Uphill Home Auxiliary that donated gifts and raised funds to purchase equipment for decades. They changed the name and continued the work when the residents were moved to Rocky Mountain Village and today still conscientiously provide the same services they did in the past. Wilda Quail, longtime member and president of the Auxiliary says, “We have donated many items over the years, an aspirator suction machine, digital spot monitor, oxygen generators, Broda chairs, active trainer, hair dryers, as well as individual gifts for all residents”.

This past Easter, cuddly, fluffy bunnies were a real hit, they said, as were the tweeting birds handed out last year. In December, socks and other personal items such as body washes, shampoos, shave accessories and interactive games and puzzles to stimulate mental activity were purchased. For this year, colourful, potted silk orchids for the women and framed prints for the men.

This small group does a lot but they are always looking for assistance with funding as well as needing new members. Members are Wilda Quail, president, Elsie Singleton, Doreen Neidig, treasurer, Margaret Caldwell, Celia Roccamatisi, secretary Cathy Barnett, Joanna Pitt, Charlotte Leffler and Rosa Rocca. They are keeping this auxiliary functioning both physically and financially by personal contributions such as donating cash in memoriam of deceased family and friends says Doreen. “Rotary and Lions Clubs have been very generous, and last year the firemen donated too”, adds Wilda. There are individuals in residential care who need constant 24 hour care. What isn’t known is that some of these people don’t have family close by and some may have outlived family so they don’t have anyone to bring them any of the small personalized items needed although RMV supplies institution quality soap, body wash, cream and shampoo. What these women do is not only provide the items, but much more; they deliver the touch of warmth that is lost when someone is left alone without a caring family member around for support. All people need this kindness but to an aging person this is invaluable. Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at the Village. If you have a couple of hours to spare a month call Wilda at 250-423-6703 for information.