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Secondary students sell for Nepal

Fernie Secondary School (FSS) students will participate in this year’s community garage sale event to fundraise for Nepal.

Efforts to raise funds in the aftermath of the Nepalese earthquake continue in the Elk Valley with Fernie Secondary School (FSS) students announcing they will participate in this year’s community garage sale event.

“This year we had a student council that were really interested in participating in social justice movements and so they’ve elected to participate in this year’s garage sale,” said FSS teacher Tara Elliot. “It’s been really great to see them step up and take part in events like the 30 Hour Famine and fundraising for Nepal,” she added.

The FSS student council consists of approximately 20 students from Grades 7-12.

All proceeds from FSS’ participation will be put towards earthquake relief. Elliot said a likely charity candidate for the school will be the Red Cross.

“We want to make sure we donate to a registered charity so that we can take advantage of the government fundraising match incentive,” explained Elliot.

This year’s Elk Valley Garage Sale will take place on May 25.