Skaters from both the Sparwood and Elkford skating clubs are preparing for their winter performances in the upcoming weeks.

Sparwood and Elkford skating clubs prepare for winter performances

The Elkford and Sparwood skating clubs are gearing up for their end-of-season shows.

The Elkford and Sparwood skating clubs are gearing up for their end-of-season shows. Skaters are looking to put on a performance that showcases the skills they have been working hard to learn all year. Lisa Skubovius, the head coach for both clubs talked to The Free Press earlier this week.

“At the end of the winter season the clubs put on ice shows to highlight what all the kids have learned over the year and to have fun with music and costumes and all that good stuff,” said Skubovius.

She is a veteran teacher and has been teaching in the area for a handful of years.

“This will by my sixth season in Elkford and it’s my first season as head coach in Sparwood. I also do some coaching in Fernie but I’m not the head coach there,” said Skubovius.

Elkford’s skating club’s performances are set for the 26 and 27 of February at the Elkford arena at 7 p.m. for both evenings.

“Elkford’s show is called ‘Once upon a Skate’. It is a collection of everyone’s favourite all time stories,” said Skubovius. “Whether it is famous books, movies, or fairytales. It is an exciting collection of the world’s most popular stories like Tortoise and the Hare, Jack and Jill. There will also be some ghost stories and mystery stories.”

Sparwood wraps up the season with their show on Feb. 21 at 3 p.m. at the community’s arena.

“That show is called Battles on Blades: Heroes and Villains. We asked for suggestions and themes from club members and that was one of the suggestions, to do famous heroes and villains and put them onto the ice,” said Skubovius. “There will be a variety of costumes at both shows. The kids always look so cute so there will definitely be the cute factor with a lot of colourful characters and costumes doing a musical review featuring famous heroes and villains throughout history. Focusing on pop culture, like movies.”

Combined, the two clubs will have around 100 skaters that will be participating in the events.

“Elkford has more than Sparwood. In the Sparwood show there will be 45 skaters, in the Elkford show there is about 55,” said Skubovius.

While there are no skaters who participate in both the Elkford and Sparwood clubs, each club will feature guest skaters from the neighbouring club at their events.

“There are a few Sparwood skaters who also participate in Fernie but no real cross over between Sparwood and Elkford. Both shows are featuring guest skaters, Elkford will be featuring Sparwood skaters and the Sparwood show will feature Elkford guest skaters,” she said.

The clubs coach encourages the communities to come out to the events and enjoy the performances.

“It is a super enjoyable show for anyone, whether you know a skater or not,” said Skubovius. “Tickets will be sold at the door and all the money raised will go to help the clubs with their operating costs.”

Sparwood skating club’s performance is Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Sparwood Arena. The Elkford performances are set for the following weekend at the Elkford Arena.