Youth from the Sparwood Skate Park Committee participated in the 2015 Coal Miner Days parade. The Skate Park Committee is hoping for another successful year in 2016.

Sparwood skate park prepares for a positive year

A great year is projected to be on the horizon for the Sparwood Skate Park Committee.

A great year is projected to be on the horizon for the Sparwood Skate Park Committee. With becoming their own society and new members on board keen to help things move along, there is a renewed sense that the skate park could become a reality in the not so distant future. Nicole Latka, Skate Park Committee Chair says there has been some challenges, but is really optimistic that this can be the year to really move things forward.

“Some of the issues we have run into over the past year is of course the economy. That is understandable as we are seeking donations from the community and have a lot of money to raise,” said Latka. “Also, it is somewhat of a challenge to get all these teens on board and volunteering as they feel that the skate park is so far away from being constructed. It is likely they will put in many, many volunteer hours and never actually have the opportunity to ride it. However, with that being said, these kids are amazing and putting in so much effort. They really want to be out there helping and raising funds wherever they can. I personally don’t want this to be a project that is years away. I am determined and we are going to do our best to make this happen.”

To date, the Sparwood Skate Park Committee has raised approximately $140,000 of the $500,000 needed through various fundraisers. Residents will see the group being active in the community and seeking these funds through the Sparwood Coal Miner Days dunk tank, a spaghetti dinner, bingo ticket sales, among other efforts.

“We also want to reach out and let people know that our group is available to help out wherever needed. We are really committed to raising this money and want people to know that our group is always willing to give a helping hand,” said Latka. “Another way we are looking for assistance from the community is through in-kind donations. There will be a great deal of work to be done as far as earthworks and concrete, so it will be with these in-kind donations that we can really make things happen.”

The Sparwood Skate Park Committee is in the process of applying for various grants and have recently been notified of a $10,000 donation from the Elk Valley Thrift Store. The committee would like to sincerely thank all  those who have helped and donated thus far and encourage anyone who would like to help in any way to contact them.

“I am not giving up on this, Sparwood is a great community and I know we can make this happen. Whether it be a donation or someone who is willing to lend an hour of their time to help, we really appreciate it and it really makes a difference,” says Latka.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Nicole Latka at