The Lion’s Mane Hair Salon now open in Sparwood

The Lion’s Mane Hair Salon is Sparwood’s newest hair salon.

The Lion’s Mane Hair Salon is Sparwood’s newest hair salon. It’s the product of over two decades of hair work for owner Tammy Wellman, who has spent her time working at hair salons throughout the Elk Valley.

“I have been doing hair for more than 20 years. I have worked in Cranbrook for the first 10 years, Fernie for a year or two, and Sparwood for the past six or seven,” said Wellman.

While Wellman has been in the area for years, she has not always lived in B.C.

“I was born in Newfoundland. My dad and his work brought me here he’s a heavy-duty mechanic,” said Wellman.

Shara Grant, the salon’s nail technician and second hair stylist is from B.C. but moved to the area more recently.

“We moved here for work,” said Grant. “I lived in Kaslo, a small town in B.C., moved to the city and wanted to come back to a small town and here had work so we moved. I live in Elkford now.”

The salon opened near the end of last year and has been busy since its opening.

“I opened on December 15, so it’s been nine weeks,” said Wellman. “I have been booked solid almost every day since I opened. Everything is good, people are awesome and our clients are amazing.”

Wellman believes that her great clientele and the large demographic range are because she has lived in the area for so long.

“I pretty much grew up in Sparwood. I moved here in 1985 so I think that’s another reason why I have been so busy is because so many people know me and are supporting me. It is so awesome,” said Wellman. “We cut hair for women, kids, men, and we have special rates for seniors. We get a lot of different people in. Today I had a two-year-old and an 80-something come in for hair appointments.”

The Lion’s Mane Hair Salon is also home for Grant as a hair stylist and nail technician.

“I’ve been doing hair for five years, and nails for two,” said Grant.

“Hair colouring is our specialization; I love to do colours,” said Wellman

While hair is the focal point of the business the future of the salon looks to broaden its offerings.

“I am hoping in the next year to get a stand up tanning bed. I want to get that going for sure,” said Wellman. “Along with Shara’s nails she will also be doing Pediques, gel nails on the toes. It is really popular in the summer, it looks good and with flip-flops on it is really cool. We want to have that going in time for summer.”

Remembering how hard it was to find someone to do their hair and nails for their high school proms the salon is planning for the upcoming grad season.

“We are also preparing for grads, we will be doing grad specials for hair and nails to get girls looking great for their big day,” said Wellman.

After taking a break from the industry, Wellman realized that hair is her passion.

“I think every hair dresser has a dream of owning her own salon one day. I’ve been away from cutting for the past while because I was working at the mine driving truck for eight months. I realized that hair was my passion and that it was time to go on my own and make it happen,” said Wellman.

The salon has had a busy start, and hopes to continue to grow its clientele in the future.

“We are pretty booked up right now but walk-ins are always welcome when we have an open slot,” said Wellman. I am hoping to get a third person in the near future to help cutting and maybe keep growing.