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Life, style etc. with Stephanie Brown

Lise Brown Cosmetics partner offers a boutique experience

- Words and photography by Lia Crowe

Stephanie grew up surrounded by the beauty of the West Coast and in a family with a passion for detail and design.

“I fell in love with an aesthetic quality and the natural world at a young age,” Stephanie says. “Over the years, I developed a strong mind for business and went on to study visual theory and design as an art form. I am now applying my unique skill set with Lise Brown, where we focus on fine, performance-driven skincare.”

Stephanie believes that you should never have to compromise your health for the results you desire in your skin, saying, “In combining the power of natural botanicals and innovations in skin science, I am proud to create a lasting and sustainable approach to beauty.”

Asked what fires her up the most about her work, Stephanie answers, “I love that I can capture the art of living in everything that I do. Through attention to detail and the creation and appreciation of beautiful things, we can express our emotional values, sentiment and taste. I find inspiration in creating a sensory experience for others and I can apply my expertise as a designer and stylist to always have fun and keep things fresh. Offering a boutique experience, I love to offer the finishing touches that make you feel great!”

Chatting with Stephanie, it’s no surprise to learn that outside of work she’s passionate about spending quality time outdoors with people she loves.

“In my personal time, I am happiest when I am creating. To take an idea and transform it into something both fun and functional can be incredibly fulfilling,” she says.

When it comes to style, Stephanie says she’s always been drawn to classically feminine and ornate designs.

“Form should, however, always follow function, so I enjoy blending finer pieces with modern and relaxed elements.”

Fashion & Beauty

Uniform: Jeans and a white shirt.

All-time favourite piece: A long, wool wrap coat.

Favourite shoes: Tall boots or anything that slips on.

Favourite work tool: A book to write and sketch in.

Favourite jewellery piece: Moissanite studs.

Fashion obsession: Fabulous shoes.

Accessory you spend the most money on: Does perfume count? I have quite the collection.

Necessary indulgence for either fashion or beauty: A high-quality facial serum. My favourite is Nordic Beauty Restorative Recovery Complex from Lise Brown.

Moisturizer: Lise Brown Bio+Advanced Night Cream.

Scent: Rose de Mai.

Must have hair product: A great conditioner, like Biotop Quinoa Deep Conditioning Mask.

Beauty secret: Smile with your eyes.

Style Inspirations & Life

Style icon: Grace Kelly.

Piece of art: The Breath of Heaven by Simon Kenny.

Favourite fashion designer: Lucian Matis is a top contender.

Favourite musician: Yo-Yo Ma—the cello is just incredible.

Era of time that inspires your style: The best of all worlds.

Favourite cocktail: Grey Goose martini.

Album on current rotation: Khruangbin, The Universe Smiles Upon You.

Favourite flower: Stargazer lilies.

Favourite app: Shazam.

Favourite place in the whole world: My mother’s garden.

One thing that consistently lifts your spirits

during hard times: A warm hug and laughter.

Reading Material

Fave print magazine: Architectural Digest.

Coffee table book/photography book: Axel Vervoordt: Portraits of Interiors by Michael Gardner.

Last great read: Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand.

Book currently reading: Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter.

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