Sparwood energized for new ladies gym

As Curves has closed a new ladies gym opens up in Sparwood.

Sparwood's new ladies gym features a thirty minute roatation geared to working all muscle groups.

Sparwood's new ladies gym features a thirty minute roatation geared to working all muscle groups.

A new gym has opened its doors in Sparwood and is designed for ladies in mind. After the doors of Curves closed, regular clients were left with a feeling of loss and decided to do something about it. Bev Kovak, Dawn Wyld, Joan Halverson, Mary Fleming, Dawn Morgan and Bonny Willet chatted and after learning of a new ladies gym in Fernie opening, decided to get together and do the same. “We knew when Curves closed down there were a lot of us missing our workouts. We really enjoyed what Curves was, a private place for women to get together and get fit without having to feel self conscious working out with men. We all decided opening this gym would be a great thing to do, and that’s when the Sparwood Women’s Fitness Society was formed,” says Society Co-Chair Dawn Wyld.

The gym, which is ran by the not for profit society imparts the same ideas as Curves, with a thirty minute routine that works out all muscle groups. “We purchased the equipment for Rosa Gilmar, former Curves Owner and created a circuit that works out the upper and lower body muscle groups with recovery periods in between,” says Wyld. “This gym is not only a great place to come get a good work out, there is a big social aspect to it as well. Most of the time, there is always someone at the gym so ladies can get together, make friends and share their common fitness goals and other hobbies,” says Director, Bev Kovak.

Registration is very affordable at a cost of $100 for four months. The gym is open by secure keyless entry seven days a week from five in the morning to eleven at night to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.  “We currently have thirty-nine ladies registered and are very optimistic that there will be many more signing up,” says Wyld.  “Everything seems to slow down in the summer months.”

The society will be spending the next few months actively promoting and advertising the gym, applying for grants to help cover costs and seeking out support from local businesses to help cover the costs of the equipment and other items needed for the gym.

Members of the society will be found at the Sparwood Community Information and Registration Night coming up in September providing information to all those attending. “Sometime during the month of September we will have an official grand opening, but the exact date is still left undecided,” says Wyld. “We welcome all women, to come down and check out the gym and what it’s all about.” The gym is located behind Cashtown in Centennial Square in Sparwood. For more information on the Sparwood Women’s Fitness Society and the ladies only gym, please contact Dawn Wyld, Mary Fleming, Joan Halverson or Bev Kovak.