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Save money, save the planet! Repair and recycling tips for small appliances and power tools

A little TLC can extend the life of many of these items, and when all else fails, recycling is free
Use the right tool for the job to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. When household power tools have reached the end of their lifespan, recycle them for free at one of 200 locations across BC.

When it comes to paper and plastic, most British Columbians are pretty darn good at reducing, reusing and recycling. It’s a little harder to wrap your head around household electrical items like toasters, treadmills and power tools, but ElectroRecycle is here to help.

“The pollution prevention hierarchy’s three R’s are important, but we also encourage British Columbians to think about maintaining and repairing items,” says Jenn Robson, director of programs for ElectroRecycle.

The pandemic limited opportunities for in-person Repair Cafés where experts volunteer to fix household items, but ElectroRecycle has bolstered its blog with tips and tricks to extend the life of household electronics. Save money and save the planet with these tips:

  • Power tools: Use the right tool for the job to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, and clean tools after each use — dust is a major machine-killer! Find other tips here.
  • Exercise equipment: Did you recently invest in a home gym? Make it last by reading the owner’s manual to find out about care instructions, including parts that need lubrication. Read this blog post to find out why you should avoid using an extension cord.
  • Small household appliances: If you became a pandemic baker, the ElectroRecycle blog can teach you how to revive a broken bread maker. Now that the heat dome’s dissipated, give your portable fan a tune-up so it’s ready for next summer.

Give an old friend a new life, with a little bit of care and repair.

Recycle over 400 products FOR FREE at locations across BC

ElectroRecycle recycles more than 400 different products, and drop off is free. Find a full list of accepted items at

  • Small kitchen appliances like coffee makers, blenders and rice cookers.
  • Exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines.
  • Personal care products like curling irons, electric toothbrushes and beard trimmers.
  • Power tools like band saws, sanders and drills.
  • Other items including portable heaters, vacuums, sewing machines and bathroom scales.

ElectroRecycle partners with a variety of collection sites including bottle depots, thrift stores and not-for-profit organizations to make collection easy. You can find a full list of locations at — with over 200 collection sites across British Columbia, you’re likely to find one nearby. And no matter where you drop your items off, collection is free!

For more tips on reducing your environmental footprint, maintaining and repairing household items, check out the ElectroRecycle blog or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

To find a convenient collection point near you, or check to see if your product is accepted, visit

Small kitchen appliances like coffee makers, blenders and rice cookers can be recycled for free at collection sites across BC. For tips on reducing your environmental footprint, busit