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Basic tips for working with writers for hire


The procedure for evaluating the text before you pay for writing essay

Let’s say you have found the right professional writer to collaborate with. You might have heard about them from student recommendations or you might have found them online. Either way, you have already submitted your order and are waiting for the first draft. If you have shared all the information and requirements the writer needs to follow, chances are high that you will have a compelling draft.

However, you just want to be sure that the paper you get is mistake-free and not plagiarized. There are your grade and diploma at stake, so making sure you do not submit a poorly written paper is mandatory.

But how do you do this? Are there any apps or websites you can use to assess the quality of the paper? Well, you should know that, in fact, there are lots. However, professional writers use only the best of them. There are even text-checking services. Let’s see which ones you could use in this case.

Pay for essay writing online

There are a lot of writing services you can work with for your college essay. Getting an education is not only about going to that class, paying attention to that lesson, reading that book, or completing your coursework.

It is also about submitting all your tasks until the deadline expires. And sometimes, these can pile up on your desk and overwhelm you. Well, you can pay for essay writing nowadays. You can find online professional editorial essays to inspire from. But if you’re wondering what is a good website to pay for essay writing, you should know that it has some characteristics. The writing service you choose should be trustworthy, have positive reviews, and guarantees.

However, you may want to make sure you get the perfect draft, so here are a few apps and websites you can use to check your text.



Any student in university should know about Grammarly. It is one of the most used grammar checking tools you will find online. It has a premium version, but a free one too. It checks your text for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Also, it takes a look at your tone and engagement level too, and it proposes some suggestions for rephrasing. Working with a professional writer is a nice experience as you can learn a lot from it. Writers are using Grammarly too. But you should be aware that it’s a tool, so it might not spot the subtleties of the language.

Hemingway App

Another tool you can use to check the text is the Hemingway App. It is available in the browser and checks the readability level of your text. So, you just have to paste the text there and the tool will highlight your sentences.

The yellow ones are hard to read, while the red ones are very hard to read. Even though this tool is really nice and it comes in hand when you need it, you should be aware of one aspect. It analyzes the readability of your text based on the writing style of Ernest Hemingway. He wrote short sentences and used words that are not complicated. However, it is a nice tool to use to identify passive voice usage in your text. You should aim for an active voice to be predominant in your paper.


Last but not least, ProWritingAid is one of the tools used by professional writers everywhere. No matter if you need to check a research paper or a scientific term, this is the tool that will surely help you. It offers editing and proofreading services and it seems it is a nice combination of the other two mentioned.

The tool will highlight any spelling, typo, or grammar mistake. At the same time, it will highlight sentences that are hard to read. But the tool comes with a lot more features you can use to check the text, so make sure you discover them.


The list would not be complete without a plagiarism checker tool. The free version only allows you to check 2500 words for plagiarism, so if your paper is larger, you need to pay for the premium version.

Final Thoughts

Submitting a powerful paper is essential for your graduation. So, if you work with a professional writer, you might want to make sure that the paper you got is perfect. These tools will help you spot any missed mistakes.