Sparwood councillor Amy Cardozo is running for a second term on council in October. (Image contributed)

Sparwood councillor Amy Cardozo is running for a second term on council in October. (Image contributed)

Amy Cardozo to run for second term on Sparwood council

Cardozo was first elected in 2018 after campaigning on government transparency

Sparwood councillor Amy Cardozo is running for a second term this October.

First elected in 2018, Cardozo is the co-owner and operator of Sparwood business Crumbs Bar and Grill, formerly Crumbs Cakery.

“I have absolutely loved my role as a councillor over the past four years,” said Cardozo.

“In fact, during the first few months of my restaurant expansion this year, I was worried that I might not be able to commit fully as I have been as a councillor thus far. I will never commit to something unless I know I can give it my all. With my restaurant settling in now and back up contingencies in place, I’m ready to rock another term.”

Cardozo said that there was a lot the council of the last four years had achieved that she was proud of, and she wanted to “help keep that ball rolling in the right direction.”

Items on the docket she listed were getting Komatsu to build a new facility in town, passing the urban hens bylaw, and the start of work on Centennial Square.

She added that transparency was a major item.

“Adding transparency to our community by creating a larger social media presence and online access to the council meetings was one of my motives for running for council this past term … I wanted the residents to know and understand why decisions were being made and what was going on in town. I often found there was such a hush hush mentality and as a result, rumors would ensue. The fact that we have such a great social media presence now complete with council meetings being on Facebook and Zoom has made our meetings and information accessible for most everyone.”

In a new term, Cardozo said she wanted to focus on increasing housing stock, and on community mental health, “whether it is by supporting local groups such as the Sparwood Trails Alliance or reaching further up the chain to get our residents the help they need.

“We started the ball rolling on an indoor soccer field complete with walking track (as part of the multi-purpose facility project). I really feel this project would be a huge benefit to our community especially in the cold winter months and I’m hoping to see what project through to completion.”

Heading into the October 15 election, Cardozo said she had more to give.

“I am incredibly passionate about my role on council and our community. I am reliable, true to my word, open minded and transparent. The future of Sparwood is incredibly bright and I want to be a part of that.”

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