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‘An organic evolution’: Sparwood’s Crumbs to become full-scale restaurant

Co-owner Amy Cardozo said it was a dream of hers to own a restaurant for a long time
Crumbs Cakery and Cafe is to become Crumbs Bar and Grill at the Sparwood Golf Course. Pictured: One of the new dinner menu dishes to be offered at Crumbs from April 4. (Image courtesy of Amy Cardozo)

Crumbs Cakery in Sparwood is to become Crumbs Bar and Grill, with a move to the Sparwood Golf Course just around the corner.

“This move is an organic evolution of our business,” said co-owner and chef Amy Cardozo.

“It has been a part of our business plan all along…it’s just happening a little sooner than we originally planned for which is fantastic! Our lunch hours have become increasingly busy and another incredible opportunity appeared before us when the golf course advertised their kitchen and dining room space for lease!”

From beginnings in 2012, to a store front in Fernie in 2015 and a move to Sparwood in 2019, Crumbs has been serving a popular lunch menu (and amazing cakes) to hungry locals. With the move to the Golf Course from the current location in Centennial Square, the menu will be ‘business as usual’ according to Cardozo.

“You will still be able to get all your favourite grab and go items but you will also have the option to sit down and eat a burger & fries, or have a beer with your buds out on the most beautiful patio in Sparwood.”

With a new name, ‘Crumbs Bar and Grill’, they’ll now be offering a full dinner and bar service (and a new cocktail menu).

“We have planned a very exciting menu that you won’t already find in Sparwood. A few of our menu items pay special homage to my Sister’s late restaurant, Soulfood in Cranbrook,” said Cardozo.

“Much of the dinner menu has been designed around dishes that I perfected over the years for myself and my family at home. Others were inspired by my time as a line cook at various restaurants I worked at over the years.”

Cardozo said that owning a fully-fledged restaurant had been a dream of hers for a long time.

“It’s taken my husband and I a decade of grit and hard work but this move marks the final step towards my ultimate dream of turning this little small town Café into a full-scale restaurant.”

Crumbs Bar and Grill at the Sparwood Golf Course has a tentative opening date of April 4 2022, with the Centennial Square location in Sparwood closing at the end of this week (March 25).

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