Blaze at Coal Creek Mine – The Free Press Turns 115 years Old

Blaze at Coal Creek Mine - The Free Press Turns 115 years Old

  • Aug. 20, 2013 7:00 a.m.

August 20th 1909

Free Press Files

A large section of Coal Creek, the village located about five miles from Fernie at the mines of the Crowsnest Pass Mine Company was destroyed by fire on Sunday evening last. There was no loss of life and but a few minor accidents during the progress of the configuration. Eighteen buildings in all were consumed involving a financial loss of approximately $150,000.

The fire originated in the basement of the Coal Creek Club building. It is supposed to have been caused by the upsetting of a lamp.

The blaze had the mastery from the start and that building was soon a mass of flames. With a high wind blowing luckily away from the surface workings of the mines the rest was simple.

The residence of houses in the lee of the fire immediately commenced to vacate their homes. From the boarding houses men steamed out with trunks grips and parcels of belongings and carried them across the creek or up the hillside.

Families moved out in masses, parent giving small heed to their household effects as long as they saved their loved ones. Many distressing scenes were witnessed. It was not hard to find places of safety but after finding a place of security it was hard to watch the destruction of one’s home and be unable to do anything to save it. Several persons lost considerable sums of cash besides personal affects and household goods.

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