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Bylaw office releases quarterly report

The City of Fernie bylaw officer has released the Bylaw Services Report, detailing activities from December to March.

The City of Fernie bylaw officer, Ryan Borjemsky, has released the Bylaw Services Report, detailing the bylaw office’s activities from December to March.

Dated April 22, the report was made available as an information item at the May 22 City Council meeting.

The report said that during the winter months from December to February, “Bylaw Services focused their efforts on voluntary compliance,” in regards to the Snow and Ice Removal bylaw and the Traffic Bylaw. According to the report, this took precedent over other services.

Overall, 91 warnings and 18 tickets were issued in relation to street and traffic bylaws, and 22 warnings issued with respect to snow and ice removal.

In regards to other bylaw infractions, three warnings and 12 tickets were issued in regards to off-leash dogs on city property while four warnings were issued for “barking dog complaint”. Three warnings were issued for noise outside of permitted hours, three for the storage of derelict vehicles in a residential zone and two warnings issued in regards to graffiti. One dog was also impounded during the reporting period.

According to the report, Bylaw Services responded to all complaints the office received in a “timely manner”, answering to more than 30 complaints.

The report also says the Bylaw Services conducted special patrols in regards to numerous public concerns, including abandoned garbage, unsecured commercial dumpsters and rotting garbage on private property.