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CCHS signs ‘historic’ land-use agreement with Pollyco

Pollyco is the owner of the lands where the Ridgemont trail network is located
One of the many beautiful views seen from Ridgemont trails above Fernie. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

The Coal Creek Heritage Society (CCHS) has formally signed a land-use agreement with the Pollyco group of companies who are the owners of the land containing the Ridgemont trail network - - in effect securing access to the Ridgemont trails for recreational users.

Previously the CCHS had already signed land use agreement with Montane Developments.

Simon Howse, who is owner of Montane Developments and has supported the creation of the CCHS as an organization with the vision to enhance Fernie’s outdoor experience, said that the land use agreement with Pollyco was a historic development.

“It’s indicative of what the CCHS is trying to achieve - which is to build trust with landowners and ensure recreational access for the community of Fernie,” he said.

“This land-use agreement for the Ridgemont trails is historic in that there never was one before.”

Howse, who stepped down as a director with the CCHS once land-use agreements were in place, said that it is important for trail users to respect access to private lands. The agreement appoints the CCHS as the trail maintenance society for both Montane and Ridgemont, with volunteer trail managers (Pat Gilmar for Montane, Rick Weiss for Ridgemont) keeping an eye on conditions and safety.

The CCHS is a volunteer organisation with a mission to provide access to lands surrounding Coal Creek for the enjoyment of the community with a focus on enhancing Fernie’s outdoor opportunities to explore and enjoy the Coal Creek watershed.

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