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City of Fernie takes steps to conserve water

Lawn watering restrictions are officially in place throughout the City of Fernie
The City of Fernie is asking residents to be mindful of new lawn watering restrictions in place as of July 27, 2020. File Photo

The City of Fernie has instituted lawn watering restrictions within city limits in an effort to conserve water.

The city announced the restrictions on July 27 and noted that they will be in place until further notice. Odd numbered addresses are being asked to water only on odd numbered calendar days while even numbered addresses can water on even numbered days.

Watering should only take place between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and may not last for more than one hour. According to the City of Fernie’s website, “residential lawn watering is the largest source of water waste.”

There are currently no restrictions on watering flower and vegetable gardens, including decorative planters, shrubs and trees. The washing of impermeable surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks is not permitted except for health and safety purposes or to prepare the surface for painting or similar treatment. Finally, residential car and boat washing is only allowed with a hose equipped with a spring loaded shut off valve.

“Although the City of Fernie is situated around natural waterways, we do not have an endless supply of water,” the city noted on their website. “Thinking of the future, we encourage our residents to be water smart and do your part in reducing water consumption.”

For more information on water conservation projects, contact the engineering department at 250-423-6817.

On July 28, a City of Fernie contractor worked on vegetation management in the 9th Avenue bioswales. These bioswales are low impact development infrastructure assets that include gently sloped channels to convey stormwater runoff. The vegetation that has been planted helps to remove pollutants and contaminants that would otherwise find their way into the groundwater or into the stormwater collection system that drains into the Annex Pond and into the Elk River.

This work took only one day to complete and did not cause any major delays to vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

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