Conservatives announces dedicated Anti-Poaching Squad

John Cummins, Leader of British Columbia's Conservatives, announced the creation of a dedicated anti-poaching squad.

John Cummins, Leader of British Columbia’s Conservatives, announced that a new BC Conservative government would create a dedicated anti-poaching squad of Conservation Officers. Cummins was speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Wild Sheep Society of BC.

“Poachers and those who do not follow hunting rules threaten our wildlife stocks and a BC Conservative government would give conservation officers the resources to go after poachers,” said Cummins. “Just as the police have dedicated anti-gang task forces to deal with nothing but organised crime, this is a dedicated team that would do nothing but track and stop poachers. Poachers are organised, so the conservation service needs to be as well. The anti-poaching squad would be mobile and be able to travel around the province to hunt poachers of all types of wildlife, from bears, to eagles, to fish.”