Contractor chosen for Max Turyk Soccer field

Currier Contracting Ltd. has been awarded the contract for the construction of the Max Turyk Soccer Field.

Currier Contracting Ltd. has been awarded the contract for the construction of the Max Turyk Soccer Field for a price of $598,869 net of all applicable taxes.

Cam Mertz, Director of Leisure Services stated in his report to  City Council that “The contractor has substantial experience in grading and drainage on large earthwork projects through a number of past civil contracts (i.e. Large parking lots). They have a good reputation with the city having provided services for past projects.”

Five proposals for this project were received. City Administration and project consultants Durant Kreuk Ltd. evaluated all of the proposals. Currier outscored the second highest bidder by more than 25 points.

Construction is expected to begin this week and will be completed by August 31, 2013.

Once the major earth work is complete, the installation of a drainage and irrigation system begins.  The scientific design of the sand based 20 thousand square foot field surface is designed for any type of sport configuration by eliminating the crown and making the surface flat. The in ground drainage system allows for the elimination of the crown. The next step is to hydro seed the field with a special seed blend.

“We’re not going to use sod as its soil based which effectively creates a barrier for drainage,” said Mertz. “The sand allows the water to percolate. It’s very important that the community respect the field closure once it’s seeded in late August through to October. It will continue to establish its root growth, believe it or not, through the winter months. We have a very short window of opportunity for construction allowing the most amount of time for the seed to germinate and be established.

The soccer fields are expected to be ready May 1, 2014 for the beginning of next season.

The Max Turyk Soccer fields are located on the south side of the Max Turyk Community Centre which was purchased by the City in 2010.