Councillor Candidate platforms

Fernie And Sparwood Councillor Candidate platforms

  • Nov. 17, 2011 6:00 p.m.


Casey Brennan

Fernie Councillor Candidate

Over the past 20 years we have seen significant change in our community and the people of Fernie have remained open and positive. If elected I will work hard to include a diversity of voices in the upcoming review and update of our Official Community Plan. We can improve our local and regional transit with innovative solutions like working with the School District to better utilize the school bus fleet. We can build a municipal composting facility at the new transfer station and turn 30% of our waste, currently being trucked to Alberta, into valuable fertilizer to be used right here.

Fernie’s many competitive advantages including; clean air and water, a spectacular natural setting, our historic downtown, amazing recreation facilities, vibrant arts and culture scene and excellent schools and medical services all maintain a very high quality of life. As chair of the City’s Quality of Life committee for the past few years I have an understanding of the challenges we face and the opportunities we can embrace  to make lasting improvements. I have the passion and the vision to work with council, staff and citizens in a respectful manner and make Fernie an even better place to live.


Andrea McKay Horton

Fernie Councillor Candidate

I have spent the past six weeks researching, reading and getting myself up to speed with current issues and city policies. I have spent countless hours handing out information and talking to voters and the more I learn, the more I want to learn. The more I talk to people, the more I want to hear what Fernie means to them and what issues they feel are important.

Throughout this election there has been a lot of talk about business, sustainability and the influence of advocacy groups on council which are all important issues but I would like to take this time to point out some other important issues that I believe need to be addressed. Issues such as safe, affordable childcare; affordable housing; keeping our operating room open; safe, accessible housing for our seniors; and additional programs/activities for our youth.

No matter what the issue, you need strong and capable people to represent you. As a city councillor, I pledge to be transparent and honest and I promise to listen to anyone that wants to talk to me. I will stand up for what you believe is best for our city. I will be the councillor that listens and takes affirmative action.

On November 19, make your vote count and vote Andrea McKay Horton.

Phil Iddon


ernie Councillor Candidate

I have enjoyed my first term as a Councillor at the City of Fernie , and would like to seek a second term in office. I believe that some continuity between Councils will be beneficial to Fernie residents. There is  a tremendous amount of learning, on a steep curve, to be done by newly elected officials. Having some continuity will ease some of the burden of a  newer Council, when it comes time to be thrown into the budget , and for continuation of City business. I will continue to be open and available to Fernie residents. I will continue to offer sound , common-sense decision making, when it comes to operations for the Corporation of the City of Fernie. Contrary to popular belief, we have accomplished many improvements to Fernies’ infrastructure and have good plans in place to improve our road, water and sewer networks. We can improve service and efficiency while being  fiscally responsible in the future.

No catch phrases or buzzwords, just common sense.


Thank-you for your vote.

Randal Macnair

Fernie Councillor Candidate

Building a community for everyone is key to my approach to council. The experience I have gained in twelve years on council is invaluable as we prepare for a common future. As we move forward together we must have stability and balance to ensure Fernie meets the challenges ahead. We succeeded with the Victoria Avenue revitalization and now we must build on that strength and revitalize our entire downtown. The same successful approach should be applied to our highway corridor to enhance Fernie’s appeal as soon as visitors arrive.

While we have had great success with affordable housing I will ensure we take the next steps to meet the needs of young families in their pursuit of a home of their own. In addition to housing we need to support community organizations to provide services that make Fernie a livable community. Childcare, literacy, sports, and the arts and heritage are championed by community groups; the City must provide the resources necessary to make sure they thrive. This is what builds a community.

The most important attribute of a member of council is the ability to work together for the benefit of everyone. My experience proves I can do so.

Dan McSkimming

Fernie Councillor Candidate

I am supposed to try to tell everyone about my platform as a council candidate and it’s not easy to put that down in 200 words.  I came to Fernie to ski after completing my Bachelor of Business Administration from Bishop’s University in Quebec.  I fell in love with the place and never left.  I have owned and operated my own business for 25 years, volunteered with minor hockey, the ski team, youth soccer and much more. I spent 6 years on council from 2003 to 2008.  I currently work as a realtor  and Managing Broker with Fernie Real Estate, dealing daily with individuals and families that are moving to Fernie that want to invest in our community with their time, families and lives.  Council needs business people, people that want to and can get things done.  People that understand the process as well as the frustrations that lies ahead when trying to open or improve a business.  We need people that have been involved with the community and  worked hard to create and improve programs, clubs and facilities for their kids to enjoy and as a result for everyone to enjoy.  That is who I am and that is what I will bring to the table for next 3 years.   Please get out and vote

Willard Ripley

Fernie Councillor Candidate

Fernie has a unique character and an enviable quality of life. That is why I live here and why people come here, love it and stay. If elected to Council I would strive to maintain this and build on it with future growth and success being my primary goal. We must stop endless visioning and start doing. Business and investment opportunities that respect Fernie, its citizens and their life style while bringing lasting job opportunities must be received with open arms. If elected to Council I will be respectful to taxpayers, the environment, our local economy and all citizens. I am practical, clear thinking and methodical and you can count on me to support initiatives that are good for Fernie. I don’t want the character of Fernie to change, just grow and prosper for the benefit of its residents. I encourage you to vote on Saturday and change the face of Mayor and council with business minded citizens that will act. Stop Fernie from looking in the mirror and help it start looking out the window with an eye for growth, opportunity and success. Best regards to the voters of Fernie and be sure to go to the polls.

Erik Stout

Fernie Councillor Candidate

I have lived in many small communities in BC during my life.  I left Fernie to gain knowledge and experience in both residential and commercial building as a municipal employee (Building Inspector/Plan Checker/By-law).  I returned to Fernie this past spring 2011, and I am so happy to be able to call such an amazing place home again.

I have spent that last four years of my professional career working as a city official in other small communities, growing my knowledge in the workings of local government.  Presently, I am not working as a city official, so I have a strong desire to be a city councilor, in hopes that my knowledge will benefit Fernie and its residents.

The City of Fernie is rich in heritage, with a strong mining industry, and world-class tourism.   Maintaining and enhancing the amazing community spirit we have, is foremost in my view for a city councilor. There are many positive benefits to the community with properly managed development.  It promotes small business and helps build new communities, that adds to the economic resilience of Fernie.

Make your vote count on November 19 and vote for Erik Stout.

Joe Warshawsky

Fernie Councillor Candidate

These items are what I envision for our community. I feel Ghostrider sub division needs to be completed. A turning lane needs to be implemented at the intersection of Cunliff road, highway 3 and the entrance to our new recycling area.

My other goals are to place a development covenant on a green belt which presently exists between parkland terrace and the elk river that belongs our municipality. This area is enjoyed and used by many individuals. It is a natural corridor for wildlife to live and move around. This area needs to be preserved as a wildlife habitat.

I believe and know we need an area to establish a 50+ gated community. Here individuals could reside during their transition period to a senior’s complex. This way our senior citizens will not drift towards other communities that offer this type of  housing.

We need to freeze taxes on utilizes on individual homes whom have fixed incomes. When they sell or move on, the new purchaser would become responsible for the present rates.

Lastly, a walk in clinic is necessary to remove the workload on our medical staff at emergency for the current and seasonal residents.

Joni Krats

Fernie Councillor Candidate

Thank-you, Fernie, for a gratifying opportunity to grow even closer to our community!

Many residents have approached me with their questions, concerns and hopes. I’m grateful that you have chosen to share with me.

I know that in-person consultation is the only real way to be connected and relevant to our community. I will ask you to continue to participate and work with me to create the future we desire for our community. Please continue to contact me in person, via Joni Krats for Fernie (on Facebook) or by email: If you prefer postal mail, write to me at Box 65, Fernie, B.C. V0B 1M0.


I have a simple and earnest desire to serve our community with strength and evenness. I promise to honour your trust with hard work, diligent research and clear communication.


Jonathan Macgregor

Fernie Councillor Candidate

Who wants to see a strong and vibrant Fernie?

I believe we all do. Then the question is how do we get there?

I want to move Fernie in a direction that allows for growth of services and investment in the community.

A community that has a downtown that people see as a real destination.

A community that allows its children to grow, thrive, work and live.

A community that unlocks the potential of its citizens.

Fernie is extremely lucky to be situated in a beautiful natural setting, with many talented people who have invested a great deal in this community. However, we still have many issues to tackle to see this community achieve its potential. Some of these issues are; lack of affordable child care, inflated real-estate prices, crumbling infrastructure, a hollowing out of our community as it becomes a weekend get-away. We need to be proactive in recognizing issues in our community before they become problems that negatively affect the lives of the citizens of Fernie. We need to develop policy to promote tourism but maintain focus on our core community.

I would like to go to work for you as your voice in council.

Thank You

Jonathan MacGregor

Hungry Baytauluke

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

Having served previously on Council for 3 terms (9 years) I am ready to return and contribute again to the process.

I left in 2008 to spend needed time with my wife and then, 3 year old son; which gave me a different perspective on life and things in general.

I’ve been involved with the present Council through a ad-hoc committee of Sustainability for the last 2 years.  This has been an educational experience of a “green” perspective and helped to keep me informed a bit about Council and it’s continued issues.

When I sat on council before it was noted to me by many electorate that I’m very approachable and follow up on requests made of me.  I also on a regular basis tried to attain the opinion of the public on the issues(non-in-camera) that Council was going to be dealing with and making decisions on prior to that occurring.

If elected, I’m looking forward to the challenge of continuing the role of representing and being accountable to the citizens’ of Sparwood for the next three years through transparent open government.

Please vote Hungry Baytaluke for Councillor for the District of Sparwood on Saturday Nov 19/2011

Thank you.

Sharon Fraser

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

I have had the pleasure of serving this great community for the past 25 years.  During my time on Council I have watched our town falter and triumph. I have witnessed this community come together in times of hardship, and celebrate our successes together. This community spirit and vitality makes us unique.

Sparwood will have several new Councillors after this election. Although each and every one of them will bring something new and exciting to the table, we need someone with years of experience to help guide them and the community forward. I have loved the time I have spent representing my community. I have prepared diligently for every meeting, and have represented this great community for years around the country.  Our next Council will face new challenges and opportunities.  A community that plans for the future will succeed in the future.

Sparwood is a distinctive community. We have a rich heritage, and a vibrant history that has shaped the citizens of Sparwood for decades. Although we must be forward thinking and plan for the future, we must never forget how we got here.  This history needs to be a platform to grow on.


On November 19th vote for experience; vote for Sharon Fraser.


Paul Hebert

Sparwood Councillor Candidate


I just want to say thank you to all who are coming forward and putting in their votes on Nov 19.  I would be pleased to sit on council and help voice concerns of the citizens of Sparwood and also to be a part of the team to help Sparwood in its future growth.  I am 36 years old, My wife of 17 years Tammy and I raise 8 children and we love Sparwood.  I wish all candidates a successful campaign.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this great community, and if I am not voted in, I am still going to be a helping hand within the community.  Good luck all see you in the races.




Norma McDougall

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

I have lived in this community for 26 years.  We operated the Express mart and Sears for 29 years, and sold them last year.  I have always been involved in the community.  I take on a project, give it my all, and work as a team to make it a success. I will handle council the same way. I will bring my business experience to council and would represent you with pride .Council should be open minded, encourage development and keep Sparwood moving forward. We need to continue to pay attention to our infrastructure, town beautification programs, recreation facilities, and affordable housing. I would like to look at the possibility of building the extended care at Lilac Terrace and possible funding for Senior Programs. Our senior’s built this town; it is up to us now to give back to them.


This is a great town, I love this town. It has been the best place to live, raise our kids and we will retire here. I have always been involved and still am. I have the time to commit, and would be proud to represent you on council. I look forward to the challenge and ask for your support.


Margaret Mckie

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

The municipal election is fast approaching and soon a new council will be elected. I urge all of you to exercise your civil right and get out and vote for the candidates of your choosing.  It is definitely an exciting time , all the numerous election signs displayed on the roadside and  yard fronts, and candidate platforms covered in the local papers.

As I reflect on my past term as councillor I am proud of the accomplishments we have made.  At the council table we worked well together and  although not always in agreement we supported the outcome.

The Pedestrian Walking Bridge and Iron Rails Overpass   are now complete and I would encourage all who haven`t walked it to do so , the connection between Sparwood Heights and Sparwood proper  has shortened the distance considerably.  Here one can walk, get healthy and enjoy the beauty of the Valley at the same time. Our sewer and water lines also run underneath the bridge so in future if flooding occurs they do not risk the chance of Mother Nature exposing them.


If elected I look forward to future challenges and will work harmoniously with other successful candidates. I wish everyone the best of luck in the forthcoming election, show you care and cast your ballot November 19th.


Muriel Stickney

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

I am a progressive thinker, business minded and honest.

Some specific issues that need to be dealt with ; Who are we? What is our vision of Sparwood and if we are going to be progressive we need to have a clear vision as to where we are going . No longer can we zone residential, industrial, and commercial at random . We need to know  our plan. The youth in Sparwood are our greatest asset and need consideration when choices regarding new and current facilities are made. Affordable housing is currently an issue Sparwood is facing. Families are currently being forced to move to other communities due to lack of rental space. Fortunately this subject is being researched right now thanks to our previous council and funding  from Teck, Columbia Basin and BC Housing.Of course our largest population at present is our seniors.  Long term care is a huge issue for the whole Elk Valley as the baby boomers age. There will not be enough room to look after seniors in this area. There has to be some “ thinking outside  the box’”  to solve such  problems. If elected I am open minded and willing to listen to what the community has  to say.

Rose Sharma

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

I have always believed in public service and volunteering my time to make this community a better place. I have been a citizen of Sparwood for 38 years. Since 1973, I have raised four children in this community. I am currently the president of Sparwood Arts council and involve myself in many community events, either organizing them or helping as a volunteer. After all this time, I feel that it is my duty to serve this community as a councillor.

As Councillor, I would continue my dedication to making the town a strong, vibrant community that meets the needs of all residents. I would work towards making Sparwood a destination town that has families with secure jobs and affordable housing. I see Sparwood as a centre for arts, culture and tourism. This will bring new economic opportunities while still keeping our small town values.

As a councillor, I will listen to your views and work hard for the betterment of the community.

I will work hard to see that all council activities are public, friendly, honest and transparent.  Things are achieved by working diligently one step at a time in committed and public friendly manner. We need change and real change will not come until all community members come and vote. I sincerely hope that community will support me in getting elected.

Ron (Sonny) Saad

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

I am a candidate for Sparwood Councillor for a lot of reasons.  Being employed directly by the District of Sparwood and indirectly by the same for 40 years I feel it’s time to give back.  I feel the Council in the past years have made very good progress in many aspects of our municipality.  Part of my platform is to assist this process.

Priorities for myself as a candidate are as follows:

1. Would like to see some changes to certain bylaws.

2. See the level of all services: i.e.. snow removal be held to the level it has been over the years.

3. Would like to see Youth Center of Boys & Girls Club and promote youth interaction between, Sparwood, Fernie, Elkford, Crownest Pass and Regional areas.

4. Seniors on going as to Lilac Terrace which I believe all candidates want the same, keep our seniors home in Sparwood.

5. Some hospital facilities are needed in Sparwood if we want  growth of our community.

6. Bring businesses into Sparwood

If elected I will work hard and as part of the team to keep our community and citizens proud.

Joanne Wilton

Sparwood Councillor Candidate

As I was leaving the forum on November 8th a gentleman stopped me to express his disappointment that out of 3 mayoral candidates and 10 councillor candidates, nobody had addressed heritage. I was a little taken aback and embarrassed. I have had time to think and I believe he was mistaken. Every candidate was & is very concerned with the needs of our seniors – affordable housing, long term care and services they may require. They are our heritage. We all have a deep sense of wanting to do right by them and are willing to work to make it happen – that is what became clear to me as I listened to everyone.

Affordable housing and small business development seem to be the major issues. I believe we also need to embrace the growth that our industry requires, engage our youth in our community because they are valuable assets, revitalize what we already have in place in Sparwood and work on the support of the citizens of Sparwood in our endeavours. I am committed to working on all of this and any other issues deemed necessary if I am elected as councillor.  Come out and vote in this election.

No submission from

Andy MacIntyre