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District of Sparwood Councillor Candidate: Margaret McKie runs for fourth term as councillor

District of Sparwood: McKie, Margaret - Councillor Candidate. McKie runs for fourth term as councillor.
Margaret McKie will be running for a fourth term as District of Sparwood councillor in the 2014 municipal election.

Margaret McKie wants to ensure that the people who live in Sparwood continue to be happy to live here, particularly the district’s senior residents.

“I want to encourage people like our seniors to stay here,” she explained, “I hope we can give them enough reason and facilities to stay. The addition on Lilac Terrace is a big deal and hopefully that will enable them to live here and not go elsewhere.”

McKie herself has lived in the valley all her life and moved to Sparwood when it was just being developed from Michel. She has served three terms on Sparwood council and hopes to add a fourth term to her resumé which includes working on many volunteer committees.

“I’ve been a Heart and Stroke volunteer for over ten years. I did the Relay for Life in Sparwood and that was the first year we hosted it. I also recently did the walk for juvenile diabetes,” she adds. “My grandson is three and he’s been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes so I wanted to take part in that.”

McKie hopes to continue to take part in all of the projects the current city councillors have been working on.

“I want to see the completion of a lot of the projects that we started,” she said. Among those projects are the new hotel going up near Highway 3.

“There’s a lot of new developments that will go up in the spring and I want to see that completion because it’s stuff that I started. It’s important to me to get back on to see those things through,” explained McKie.

She notes that her potential re-election would justify to her that she’s done a good job so far on council and would appreciate being voted back to complete her work for the district.