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District of Sparwood Councillor Candidate: Simon Senycz runs for first term

District of Sparwood: Senycz, Simon - Councillor Candidate. Simon Senycz returns to politics to run for councillor.
Simon Senycz will be running for his first term as District of Sparwood councillor in the 2014 municipal election.

After spending three decades away from municipal politics, Simon Senycz is ready to return to his position as councillor for the District of Sparwood — a position he held in for five years in the early 80s.

The retired Senycz has lived in the District of Sparwood for 40 years, working for the District of Sparwood for 13 of those years, and for the Regional District for 12 years.

“I feel that I’d be a good council person,” Senycz said. “In the next four years my main focus of improvements will include lighting up a ball park, finalizing the toddler parks, working with other communities to improve local transit, revisiting our heritage concerns with our museum and teen activities that are still developing to meet the needs of our teens.”

Senycz noted that there are several young families in town that need the support of the district, including young mothers, who Senycz feels have been overlooked over the last few years.

He noted that improving the District of Sparwood toddler parks as well as toddler activities would enhance the future of the community, as those children represent the future of the District of Sparwood.

A father of two children, and a grandfather of two grandchildren, Senycz said he’s always had a soft spot for the small community.

In fact, Senycz used to be a police man, but he quit the force in the late 1970’s in order to avoid being transferred from Sparwood.

“It’s just my dedication to the community, and I want to give back,” he noted.