District of Sparwood Mayor Candidate: Joanne Wilton running for mayor after one term served on council

District of Sparwood: Wilton, Joanne - Mayor Candidate. Council member Joanne Wilton runs for the mayoral position.

Joanne Wilton moved to Sparwood in 1981 across the country from Newfoundland and since living here has held many causes close to her heart, including early childhood education and development.

“I created or incorporated a lot of early childhood programs in Sparwood that still run to this day and it’s a cause near and dear to me,” said Wilton.

Wilton chaired the Early Childhood Development Committee, was one of the founding people to start a daycare in Sparwood and provided almost 20 years of service to the Girl Guides.

In addition to chairing committees, Wilton has served one term as District of Sparwood councillor and feels the time is now right to run for the mayoral seat.

Wilton who noted she was proud to serve on council and learned much about the parameters of what council can and can’t do.

“It was very rewarding, but frustrating at times,” she said. “I think that the team building aspect is one of my strengths and filling out a leadership role. I’ve had those roles for most of my life and it feels like a natural fit.”

Wilton said there are also projects that she wants to continue working on if she were to be elected as mayor.

Among those is finding ways to capitalize on the tourists who visit Titan Truck and have them explore the rest of Sparwood.

The poverty population of Sparwood is also a concern for Wilton.

“I think that it is really important, according to our housing study in 2011, that we have quite a large population that live at or below the poverty line. I think they need a voice and I think that I’m an approachable person and can be that voice,” said Wilton.

“At the end of it I would like to say that I will work tirelessly towards making Sparwood a well-balanced and dynamic community,” said Wilton.

Wilton has two daughters and two grandchildren who have settled in the valley.