Elk Valley car thieves charged in court

A pair of car thieves were sentenced in court last week for going on a crime spree that spanned across the province and into Alberta.

Two unidentified male suspects were charged last Monday August 25 for several offences in relation to a four-day crime spree across the Elk Valley.

The men, both in their twenties, appeared in the Cranbrook’s provincial court house in late August, where they pled guilty to the charges laid against them, RCMP Sgt. Will Thien said.

Approximately 20 criminal charges were laid against the suspects after they stole three cars between Alberta, the Elk Valley and Quesnel. Police say one gentleman was given a year probation, while the more serious offender was given six months jail time.

“In the big scheme of things, in B.C., that’s more than I could hope,” Thien noted. “We [the RCMP] were happy with the way it turned out.”

The accused, both suffering from addiction and mental illness problems, were arrested at the beginning of August and held in local cells.