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Elkford seeks public input on DMP concept options

The current round of community engagement will run until Jan. 15

The District of Elkford will be collecting community input on the preferred concept option for Elkford’s Downtown Master Plan (DMP) until Jan. 15.

This new stage of development follows six workshops with stake holders, city council, and the public that resulted in two concept possibilities that will allow Elkford to continue growing in line with the community’s needs and desires.

“It’s essential to gather the thoughts and feelings of the community when planning something as important as development of a downtown area; this space is for everyone,” said Jeremy Johnston, director of planning and development services for the District of Elkford.

“Community members often think with a different lens than subject matter experts, and these insights are incredibly valuable to the planning and design process. Ultimately, to become a successful and vibrant place, the final product should be reflective of the Elkford community’s vision and values.”

Encompassing the community’s ‘Wild at Heart’ brand, the DMP, also referred to as Envision Elkford, addresses everything from parking, to side walks, outdoor spaces, and amenities.

According to Johnston, the most notable difference between the two options is that, “In Option 2 there is an extension of Chauncey Street into the core of the area, providing more frontage and access into the middle of the site.”

Both plans introduce new and more practical on-street parking, improved pedestrian amenities and infrastructure, and practical building lots.

“The feedback received could guide us toward a preferred plan that does not match either option, but is a combination of ideas already proposed and new ones that arise through this stage of engagement,” added Johnston.

Anyone interested in reviewing the plan concept options and providing feedback can do so at arcg.is/0W0DTa0.

For questions call 250.865.4000 or email jjohnston@elkford.ca.

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