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Elkford’s new mayor and council officially sworn into office

Elkford has a new mayor and council, with former mayor McKerracher saying farewell on Oct. 24

Elkford’s new mayor and council have officially been sworn into office.

The inaugural meeting was held at the District of Elkford council chamber on Monday (Nov. 7) at 6 p.m.

The town’s new mayor, Steve Fairbairn, along with councillors Shawna Bryant, Duncan McDonald, Jason Meldrum, Len Gostick, Tathlina Lovlin, and Bert Schalekamp, all gave their oaths of office, solidifying their four year term of service.

In his inaugural speech, Fairbairn said he looks forward to working collectively towards the continued success of the Elkford community.

He thanked district staff for their work, and, addressing everybody in the council chamber, said “The bright future of Elkford is a direct result of the skills and the dedication and the love for our community that you have.”

“Together, we will achieve great things for Elkford.”

Fairbairn recognized those who came before them, and gave a heartfelt thank you to former mayor Dean McKerracher, who served as Elkford’s mayor for 17 years, with a total of 20 years on district council in general.

“As has been said many, many, many times before, we stand on the shoulders of giants,” Fairbairn said, thanking McKerracher for his modelling and leadership to the community for two decades.

“You really left big shoes to fill, buddy,” Fairbairn said.

On Oct. 24, the last regular meeting of the outgoing council was held, and McKerracher gave his final words as the town’s mayor.

“So, I guess it’s my turn to say goodbye,” McKerracher said.

“I want to thank the citizens of Elkford for allowing me to sit here in this chair, and thank you for the support and allowing me to serve.”

McKerracher thanked his family and his wife in particular for standing beside him through it all.

He also thanked those who have sat on council with him, and spoke of past projects, saying he thinks it’s been a great success over the last 17 years.

Addressing the new council, he said “I know you’re excited as I was 17 year ago, good luck with that.”

“It’s been a great run.”

When the words were said, McKerracher passed on the original town gavel to Fairbairn.

“Congratulations, use it well,” he said.

“With that, good luck to the new council. You have lots of work ahead of you, but it’s all fun.”

At the inauguration on Nov. 7, Fairbairn spoke about some of his intentions as the new mayor.

“It is my intention to lead council and the organization toward continued economic stability and growth… We need to nurture an entrepreneurial class who can create jobs and careers for people who will make Elkford their home.”

He spoke about a solution to the housing shortage, about empowering staff, embracing new ideas, managing their assets in a sustainable manner, and spoke about past projects of the district and current work being done by staff, among other things.

“I believe that Elkford is a desirable place for families to live in, for children and for residents as they age into retirement.”

“I hope to have a role in making that possibility a reality.”

The next regular council meeting for Elkford is scheduled for Nov. 14.

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