Extremely cold temperature will hit the Elk Valley this week. File Photo

Extremely cold temperature will hit the Elk Valley this week. File Photo

Extreme cold warning for the Elk Valley

The Elk Valley, along with the majority of British Columbia, is under an extreme cold warning for this week.

With frigid and bitterly cold air coming down from the Arctic, residents can expect extremely cold temperatures for several days. Occasional wind gusts will bring temperatures down to -35 degrees in parts of the Elk Valley.

Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting stated that “an extremely cold Arctic airmass in the far north will make its way southward… temperatures will plummet to values not seen in years.”

This type of cold puts everyone at risk and residents should take precautions to keep themselves safe. It is important to remember that humans aren’t the only ones put at risk during this type of freeze.

According to Environment Canada, “if it’s too cold for you to stay outside, it’s too cold for your pet to stay outside.”

If travelling by car, it is advisable to bring extra blankets and winter clothing in case of an emergency. Mainroad also stated that in conditions this cold, the use of anti-ice chemicals may be prohibited meaning that even though roads might appear clear, “the road may in fact be more slippery than we have been accustomed to this season.”

Residents of the Elk Valley are encouraged to stay warm and monitor alerts from Environment Canada as the cold front takes hold.


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